I recommend the DtubeViewer app adding the Notifications feature and history

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Dtube Viewer is an app created to make it easier for Android users, which allows us to watch and share dtube videos. dtube viewer is directly connected to your steemit account, with a steemconnect connection.


suggest that this Dtube Viewer app to add features

  • 1 Notifications

the use of notification feature is very useful for this Dtube Viewer application, with no notification feature then the user will receive the latest video updates from friends who follow

  • 2 History

the "History" feature is useful for this app with the history feature so users can view the history of the videos they've watched

Mockups / Examples

photo below is the basic view of Dtube Viewer application


next picture we can see where Notifications and history feature in add



  • 1 Notifications

the notification feature is very useful for this application as I described above, then users can receive video notification Update from the latest people follow, users can also get notification Update the app to the latest version, by adding this feature then DtubeViewer application will feel more complete

  • 2 History

with the History feature, users can view the history of the videos that a user has ever played, with this feature very useful because users can view videos they have played in history feature

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I have not used it yet

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