French translation of Quasar Framework Documentation, Contribution N°2 (1007 words)

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Project Details :

Quasar is an MIT licensed open-source framework that helps web developers create responsive++ websites/apps in many flavours:

  • SPAs (Single Page App)
  • SSR (Server-side Rendered App) (+ optional PWA client takeover)
  • PWAs (Progressive Web App)
  • Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, …) through Apache Cordova
  • Multi-platform Desktop Apps (using Electron)

Quasar allows developers to write code once and simultaneously deploy as website (SPA, PWA, SSR + SPA client takeover, SSR + PWA client takeover), Mobile App and/or Electron App using the same codebase.

You can have more details about the Quasar Framework here or you can know how to get started here.

Contribution specifications :

Translation Overview

  • This is my second contribution on Quasar Framework open source project;
  • So far I can say that I started to get into the project reasoning, what makes me able to give precise translation.

In this session

  • The project contains one string ;
  • Up to now, I'm still the only French translator working on Quasar Framework, and I reached 46% of the project by this second contribution ;
  • This section mainly talks about the concept of open source projects. It gives a great definition of the concept based on the double meaning of "free" (freedom and moneyless) ;
  • This session gives also some definitions related to open source projects such as "Permissive" that means that the author is permitting you a great deal of rights to use the software they are sharing, even the right to use it for making a profit and changing it to suit your purposes ;
  • The abbreviation ''repo'' was used: “Here is a report made from the Quasar repo using the <0>nlf</0> approach.” and it refers to "repository".


  • The translation was from English to French;
  • I think the language used is simple to understand and to translate, so I did not find any troubles.

Word Count

  • Total word translated: 1046
  • Untranslated words: 39
  • Final count: 1007

Proof of Authorship :


Hi @ahmedess
• This is your second contribution to the Quasar Framework Documentation project.
• I have to notice that you have done a great work concerning the accuracy between your actual and previous translations.
• You just still have to correct some small mistakes that I will send you later.
• Overall, thank you for your hard work and looking forward to seeing your next contribution.

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