Suggestion: add the delete feature in the steemit app

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Steemit is a decentralized social media platform. Steemit rewards users for posting posts, as well as for voting other interesting posts. Post can be a blog post, or also video content.jika in other social media we get like from others but here we get a vote that we can change into dollars.
The component I want to suggest here is the addition of the delete button.


Adding the delete feature to the steemit app to remove articles that the user does not want, if the articles contain sara or things that could harm the user then the user with lelusa can delete the article. I suggest the delete feature to suit the user's wishes.

Mockups / Examples

standard steemit view before adding the delete button feature
steemit display after added features delete button


Implementing the features I suggest above will be a great boon for projects that will help users enjoy steemit, as all steemit users want to remove articles that have been in the post that are considered harmful.

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