Collapse Issue for Highlighted comment

in utopian-io •  last year

It's really minor issue. Collapsing highlighted comment forces comment's author avatar goes out of a comment wrap element.

Expected behavior

Comment's author avatar should be wrapped around the highlighted area.

Actual behavior

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 09.15.03.png

How to reproduce

  1. Take any comment link (i.e.:
  2. Click Collapse/Expand button

  • Browser: Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Operating system: macOS Sierra (Version 10.12.6)

Recording Of The Bug


Proposed soulution

We might extend highlighted class with overflow: auto; directive.
PR available here

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I'm sorry but your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • Cosmetic issues that do not affect the functionality of the software will not be accepted.

However I personally think it's great that you already proposed a solution for this bug.

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