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RE: [STEEM BOUNTY] How to build a Private Steem Blockchain. European Financial Transparency Gateway

in #utopian-io2 years ago (edited)

Hi @utopian.tasks

This looks like a great opportunity for someone/ a team, @utopian-io, and for the Steem blockchain to show what it can do!

I'm wondering if the tasks should be split, especially given the 1 week deadline?

Perhaps there are teams looking at it already but the requirements being a web app build and pretty extensive infrastructure design and documentation job, the tasks may be big/diverse enough to separate?

Fair play though, this is big news!


Hey @abh12345 this task is just about documenting the requirements for the infrastructure and how to run the blockchain. There will be more tasks as soon as this documentation is ready to go. I guess documenting the steps should be quite straightforward for a contributor to do in a week, but it is totally fine to have more contributors working on it and split the rewards! I invite anyone interested to use the discord link in the post to get in touch with the Blockchain Competence Centre in order to learn the requirements and check if other contributors will be interested to join the effort.

Ahh ok, I'm with it now! That looks more achievable then - what an opportunity for all!

Indeed! Is only the first task: to build the private blockchain network needed to start developing the project. Many other task will come.

Makes sense. Best of luck to you guys.