Koler: An advanced call managing application for Android users.

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A few weeks ago, I was hoping to improve the way my calls are being managed by getting a call manager app, so I went in search for one. While searching for the app, I found a lot of interesting apps. The True ID Caller mobile app was among the apps I found, but I could not bring myself to download it. The reason was that; it was a closed-source. Since I became a part of the utopian colony, I have learned the advantage of an open-source application over a closed-source app. Each time I'm trying to download an application, I must ensure it is not a closed-source app. The app I finally settled for was Koler. Koler’s rating at that time was 4.2, and it had over 1,000,000 downloads.

In this review, I will be glad to share with you my experience with the features that make the Koler mobile app an extraordinary app.

What is Koler?


The Koler mobile application is an open-source app that has advanced features to aid users in managing their calls. The Koler mobile app was developed by Chooloo a few months ago, and since it's initial release version, eleven different versions have been launched.

There are a lot of things you will achieve if you choose to use the Koler mobile application as your call manager app. You can answer incoming calls at a specified amount of seconds, you can reject incoming calls at a specified amount of seconds, you can reject incoming calls and send the caller an SMS message, and you can reject ongoing calls at a specified amount of seconds. I have used many mobile phones both iOS and Android, but yet, I have never seen the mentioned features on any preinstalled call dialer. However, to explore the full potential of the Koler mobile app, they are three permission that needs your authorization.


You'll be required to authorize the Koler mobile app to access your contacts, send and view SMS messages, and manage your phone calls. Considering that the Koler was developed mainly for call management, those permission needs to be authorized for a better and smoother experience.

The Koler mobile app user interface:

The Koler mobile app wouldn't have lasted a day on my mobile device if it had a bad user interface. Its user interface is one of the reasons I'm still using the app. I first noticed the Koler mobile app user interface on its Google play store profile which had three different images of the app. I was able to notice it because the three different images had different information written on them. To have a clear view of that information, I had to zoom the images. The images were a complete display of how classy the user interface of the Koler mobile app is.

By now you've already known that I liked the user interface of the Koler before downloading it.

Well, after a successful installation, I was eager to see if the images displayed in its Google play store profile was like the app’s user interface, or it was a sort of trick to draw attention to the app. I was pleased to see that the user interface looked more decent and attractive compared to the images displayed in its Google play store profile.


Here's an image displaying the first interface of the Koler mobile application. From all that I have said, you'll agree that the interface of the Koler mobile application is truly amazing. From the image, you'll see that you can gain access to any section of the app. The interface displayed is called the recent interface, and It is where call logs are displayed.

The Recent feature:


The recent feature of the Koler mobile application is more like the ones on any other call managing apps. Within recent feature interface, I was able to see my missed calls, dialed calls, and received calls. However, there was an option missing from the recent feature interface that was available on my preinstalled dialer app. I was hoping that the recent feature on the Koler mobile application would have a search feature within the recent interface so that I can search through my call logs. The search feature wasn't the, but I'm hoping in subsequent updates, the developer will include it.

Contact feature:

The contact feature on the Koler mobile application is extremely cool. It has almost all the feature with my preinstalled mobile dialer. However, there was one option missing from the contact feature, and that was the option to save a new contact write from the contact’s page. On my preinstalled dialer, this option is available, and I use it more often. I guess this will be the only option that'll be drawing me back to my preinstalled dialer. I will like to suggest that the developer of the Koler mobile app should include the suggested features both in this paragraph and the paragraph above in the upcoming version of the Koler mobile app.

Users can save a new contact right from the page on my stock contact page. This option is missing on Koler's app. I wish Koler have these options implemented? However, I will suggest it to the developer.

The Ongoing call interface:



If I were to choose between the ongoing call interface of my preinstalled dialer app, and the one on the Koler mobile application, I'll choose the ongoing call interface of the Koler mobile application every time. The reason is that when I'm using the Koler mobile application to make calls, I get a unique interface. The buttons are well displayed, and the developer’s choice of colors is extremely great. The ongoing interface the Koler mobile application looks more like the one on iOS devices.

What I like about the Koler mobile application:


From the unique features I had talked about, you'll agree that the Koler mobile application is truly amazing. Honestly, having the ability to set a timer for answering incoming calls automatically is a blessing to me. What this means is that; when I'm busy with my two hands, I can easily answer my incoming calls without reaching out for my mobile phone.


Another cool feature within the Koler mobile application is the feature that enables users to import contacts from a spreadsheet. Though I have not used this feature yet, I appreciate that the developers saw the need to implement this feature.


Th Koler mobile app is an app that should be used by all Android users. Its features are unique, and I promise you'll have an awesome experience with the app. Thanks


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Thank you for the contribution. Koler is a decent app. However, except the spreadsheet feature, I see little of its benefit over the normal pre-installed caller. Well, that is just my thought. It is nice that you continue to promote every open source project you are using.

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