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Four days ago I reviewed an open-source project called Koler mobile app. I talked about its features, and how well it has served me since I downloaded it. In today's review, I’d be reviewing a similar app that works more like the Koler mobile app. The name of the app is Emerald Dialer. If you're an Android platform user, and you're fond of downloading apps from the Google Play Store, I'm sorry this app is not available on that platform. If you're using an iOS device, the app is not available.

For Android users to download the Emerald Dialer mobile app, they'll need to visit the F-droid platform. I can't tell you why the developer didn't make provisions to host it on the Google Play Store, or the App Store, but I can guarantee you that; the F-droid platform is safe and secure for Android users to download the Emerald Dialer mobile app, and any other apps.

What is the Emerald Dialer mobile app?



If you visit the Emerald Dialer’s GitHub profile, you'll see that it's readme file doesn't have much to say about the app. According to the developer, he defines the Emerald Dialer app as;

Emerald Dialer is a lightweight T9 dialer for Android.

Well, that's pretty simple, and straight forward. But for me, I’d define the Emerald Dialer as an advanced mobile app that provides users with extended features not found on the preinstalled dialer on Android devices. The Emerald Dialer mobile app had its first version released on Sep 6, 2018, since then, seven different versions have been released making it eight versions in total. According to it's GitHub profile, its features are;

T9 contacts search;
Speed dial;
Themes: light and dark.

How I got started with the Emerald Dialer mobile app:

As usual, the first thing that displayed when I launched the Emerald Dialer was a request window asking for permission to access my contacts, followed by another request window asking for permission to make and manage my phone calls. Since I had used a similar app(Koler), I knew the request was inevitable, so I went ahead to authorize it. Before I authorized the app to access the requested parameters, I noticed an unusual thing. Normally, a permission request window will pop up within the app, but in the case of the Emerald Dialer mobile app, it popped up outside the app. That was my first time seeing such a thing, and it was pretty cool. For me, It was proof that they were still developers thinking outside the box. After I had authorized the app to access all the required parameters, a third window popped up.


This time, it wasn't a permission request, rather a detailed explanation on why the Emerald Dialer mobile app requested permission to access those parameters. Even though I knew the purpose of granting the Emerald Dialer mobile app access to my contacts, I was pleased to see detailed information on why the permission was needed.

The home screen of the Emerald Dialer mobile app:

The home screen of the Emerald Dialer mobile app had no significant difference if compared to other mobile dialer apps. But In terms of its user interface, it was excellent, and I liked it more than that of the Koler mobile app.


The first thing I liked about the home screen was; the location of the buttons. The developer placed the dial pad button at the bottom part of the app which made it easier for me to access. My mobile phone has a bigger and wider screen, so I believe it would have been difficult to use the Emerald Dialer mobile app effectively if the dial pad was placed at the top section of the home screen. When comparing the home screen of the Emerald Dialer mobile app with the Koler mobile app, I think there are both unique in their own ways.

Saving Contacts on the Emerald Dialer:


A dialer mobile app wouldn't be complete if there's no option to save a contact directly on the app itself. For me, saving contacts on the Emerald Dialer mobile app wasn't rocketed science, and I met so unique features while doing so.

Within the dial pad interface on the Emerald Dialer mobile app, there’s a plus icon located close to the entry field. Since I didn't have any number in mind, I typed some random numbers, and I clicked on the plus icon. Immediately I was done, an interface requesting the name and email address of the contact was displayed. Well, I didn't bother myself in providing this information, because I knew I could save a contact without assigning a name let alone an email address.

Within the Koler mobile app, there's no option to add a contact directly on the app. However, I have chosen the Emerald Dialer mobile app over the Koler mobile app.

Placing And Receiving A Call:

Before an app can be called a dialer, it must be able to send and receive calls. In this case, the Emerald Dialer app is not lacking behind. I have used the Emerald Dialer mobile app for a while now and it has been excellent.

However, while using the Emerald Dialer app, i noticed there was something wrong with the way calls were sent and received. Normally, a dialer app must have its own interface to display outgoing and incoming calls. But on the Emerald Dialer app, this feature was lacking. When i placed a called for the first time, instead of the Emerald Dialer call interface displaying, it was my preinstalled interface that displayed. On all the dialer apps i had used, i have never come across such error. Well, it is my belief that the developers will implement this feature in the coming updates.


From what you've read, i believe you're going to give the Emerald Dialer mobile app a whirl. When you do, please share your experience with me. Thanks.


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Hello, @abasifreke!

Thank you for your contribution. I have never used this tool, but I have to say that it looks simple and easy to use, plus the design of the user interface is really cool. Furthermore, the project offers some very useful functionalities, and you did a good job of providing valuable information about its key features. Well done!

Once again, you managed to compose a comprehensive and very informative review. You did a really good job in terms of content, and I think that anyone looking to start using this application will find this review very interesting. You also took the time to share insights into your personal views, and it goes without saying that I appreciate the effort.

To sum up, even though there were writing imperfections, this is a very informative review. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

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