Busy.org: A preferred steem blockchain interface with unique features and functionalities. (Part 1)

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On several occasions, I saw different reviews from steemians about busy.org, and at that time, I didn’t give it a thought because I was a big fan of steemit.com interface. Three months ago, I decided to join the train prior to the positive words from my friends.

I have been avoiding busy.org since its existence, and the reason for that, I don’t know but I guess I was comfortable with steemit.com interface so I didn’t see a need for an alternative platform.



With reviews posted about busy.org by different users, I didn’t have any interest because its value and purpose was not clear to me. The same username and password could be used on both platforms, so I felt if steemit.com is working perfectly, then why should I be part of busy.org. This was my thought at that moment.

Presently, I don't need answers anymore because I have seen the need for an alternative platform to be developed and built on steem blockchain.

These days, I’m more frequent on busy.org than steemit.com because of its smooth interface, functionality, and features which makes it easy to access information.

Busy.org offers a mobile-like interface regardless of the device used. Its design is very smooth and clear for users to shuttle between different features.




Busy.org is basically an alternative platform for steemians to access steemit.com. As a social platform built on steem blockchain, it is open source, and it has extended features yet to be seen on other alternatives.

On busy.org, you are provided with necessary informations at your fingertips. It has a user-friendly interface and it encourages interactions between users.
No need to toggle between different steem blockchain interface while on busy.org because all the information needed is present.
Features such as steem power percentage and the percentage of an upvote on your post are seen clearly without using steemd.com.




There are a lot of features included on this platform, so I’ll make a general review under this section, but I’ll pick out some points and discuss concisely on this series and its follow-ups

If you are yet to use busy.org, its time to give it a whirl because it's UI is amazing and I bet you'll love every bit of it.


While on busy.org’s home page, there is a wonderful feature which displays the current level of a user. Most users are not sure of their steemit.com profile level, some may think it does not exist but busy.org displays this feature on top of the user's profile right next to his profile picture.

Three days ago I was promoted from plankton to a minnow, I never would have discovered this if not for busy.org.

Edit profile is another feature displayed under a users account level, this feature is very handy because a simple click on it will enable you to alter several pieces of information on your profile.

Below the background picture, numerous features such as discussion, comments, followers, following, wallets, and activity are displayed. The above-mentioned features have its functions which I won’t discuss on today’s review.

The left-hand side contains necessary features and information of a user such as an upvote weight and upvote power. The right-hand side contains suggested users to follow.



The steem blockchain is growing every day, yet it lacks a notification feature which is a necessity considering the fact that different activities are performed on a daily basis.
Since I became a frequent user of busy.org, this feature has never failed me though it has its own vulnerabilities. This feature notifies me when another user mentions, follows, transacts or comments on my post.

The fact that it is limited to 25 notifications is not suitable, the developers should improve on it so that more notifications can be received.



The draft feature is a wonderful feature that has helped many users. I remember when I was still a big fan of steemit.com interface, I made a post about three thousand words, but when I tried to post it, it disappeared. This left me really frustrated because I knew the level of work which I had put into that article.

Busy.org has made necessary provisions to ensure such a devastating situation is never faced by its front end users.

While writing on busy.org post editor, your post is automatically saved to draft so that no matter the outcome, your written article is secured.



Bookmark feature works just like that of a web browser and it allows users to bookmark different articles of their choice. Whenever am glancing through steem blockchain, and I find an interesting article that I will love to read at my leisure time, this is the feature that I use in bookmarking them.


Before SteemFest 3 Krakow, busy.org made a general announcement of its plans for busy V3 an idea that has been nurtured for quite some time now.
Busy.org went on to discuss on its partnership with @skitbay a talented team designed to solve most centralized solutions affecting us today.



Skitbay is the first application integrated into busy.org and its main focus is to reshape the blockchain ecosystem with a decentralized market place with social network functions to thrill users with a modernize shopping experience.

Busy.org partnered with @skitbay to establish a market place within busy.org where users can purchase and sell goods anonymously with steem.

Provisions have been made to reward users who share, post or rate products with a token called $SKT

Skitbay integration will enable crypto holders to bridge the gap between the old and new economy.


Busy.org is backed by a group of developers who knows what is trending and also the desires of its users. There are various angles on this project which I have not touched yet but I hope to do so in the coming days.

Busy.org has a more preferred interface compared to others and this interface offers an easy way to perform different blockchain actions.

It's designed is amazing and it provides numerous features to thrill its users.







All Information discussed in this article were written by me, downloaded contents have been sources with links.



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Hello, @abasifreke!

Thank you for your contribution. This is a comprehensive review of a rather useful project. Your review is also informative and well-illustrated with relevant graphic content.

On the content side, I like all the information provided. Your post is detailed, and includes valuable information about the project. You also took the time to share information regarding your personal experience with the platform, so it goes without saying that I appreciate the effort you put into your work.

That said, there were style and proofreading issues. Regardless, this is a nice contribution, and I look forward to reading the next part of this series.

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Thanks for the review @lordneroo. Please I want you to share more light on something for me.

I’m confused about what should be done in order to have a positive response in this section.

I included the skitbay update on today’s article because I felt it was what was missing for the questionnaire to change but now am confused.


That announcement is already six months old, you need to refer to events more recent than two weeks.


Ok roger that


Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

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