AquaDroid: An advanced app to help improve our water intake

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Many people today do not know the health benefits of water. Personally, I didn't know, until I saw the AquaDroid mobile app on my colleague’s phone. At first, I didn't know what the app does, but I was drawn to its icon. I asked my colleague about it, and he gave me a concise review of the app and its benefits. After he was done lecturing me, I went straight to the Google Play Store to download the app. Unluckily for me, I didn't find it, and by that time, we had closed from work. I called him to find out where he got his own, and he told me to search for the app on the F-droid platform. I was glad knowing that I wouldn't be left out on such an amazing app that has good health benefits so, I went straight to download and install it from the F-droid platform.

I have used the AquaDroid mobile app for a month now, and I can honestly say that the app is top-notch.

What is AquaDroid?


The AquaDroid is a mobile app that was developed by an Indian based develop who goes by the name Jabir Mohammad ACK. According to him,

AquaDroid is a simple Android app to remind you to drink water and track your water intake habit.

The AquaDroid mobile app was launched on 21 May 2019. So far, I have witnessed four different versions. Honestly, I have not seen an app with four different versions developed within a span of six weeks of its release. It goes to prove that the developer of the AquaDroid mobile app is working very hard to make the app a successful one.

There are many things I have accomplished within the space of one month thanks to the AquaDroid mobile app. I have been able to calculate the total water intake with respect to my working time, age, and weight.

How I got started with the AquaDroid mobile app:

After a successful download and installation of the AquaDroid mobile app, I went ahead to launch it. The first interface that was displayed had three slides of information about the concept of water intake.




I was a bit surprised because most apps that I had used had information about the app itself. Since it was my first time using the app, I had to read the information on the slides. The next interface that was displayed was the profile form. The form had a text field for; name, gender, body weight, workout time, wake up time and sleep time.


I filled all the requirements to the best of my knowledge, and I proceed to its home page.

What's on the home page of the AquaDroid mobile app?

Navigating through the AquaDroid mobile app wasn't as hard as I expected, considering that it had no help documents. All I did was to study the app for some minutes. From the home page, I was able to view all the information pertaining to my drink habits. At the top side of the homepage, there was a progress bar in the form of a meter.


It indicated my progress and my daily drinking target. With the information I provided within my profile, the AquaDroid mobile app was able to calculate the required water intake for my body. I was required to drink 3170 milliliters of water daily. That's 3.17 liters of water daily. Since I'm the type that drinks water a lot, I wasn't bothered by the requirements. Below the progress bar, they were six different catalogs of liquid substances and their water levels. Aqua, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice, and milk.


Since I wasn't a fan of soft drinks, I excluded it from my entry. At the bottom part of the AquaDroid mobile app, they were three options. The first one had a bell as its icon, the second had a plus sign, and the third had a screen displaying stats.


From the icons, I knew what the options were meant for. The first option with the bell icon was meant for enabling and disabling the app’s notification, the second option with the plus sign was meant for a new entry, and the third one was meant to display the user's stats.

At the top right corner, there was an icon indicating the settings feature.


I clicked on it, and I had access to modify my profile.


They were three different sections within the settings feature. Edit your info, notification settings, and notification frequency. I didn't bother changing my information since there was no mistake, but I modified the notification settings and notification frequency. By default, the AquaDroid mobile app had its own notification tone an message, but since I didn't like it, I had to make some changes. The notification frequency had three different frequencies. 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. The default notification frequency was 30 minutes, but I changed it to 45. Today, I had changed back to 30 minutes because of early shift at work.

Apparently, that's all there is to know about the AquaDroid mobile app for now. I hope you enjoyed it.


From the information I have provided in this article, you will agree with me that the AquaDroid mobile app will help improve our water intake. Personally, I believe staying hydrated will improve our health, and focus on our daily activities.


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Hello, @abasifreke!

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On the content side, you did a really good job, and I appreciate the information you have provided us with. Not only did you share valuable information about the project and its main features, but you also took the time to add a personal touch to your content, and it goes without saying that I enjoyed reading your work.

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