Alkaa: A simplified mobile app to help you manage your task.

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When you're on a busy schedule, it can be very difficult to manage your task effectively. I remember having to deal with a lot of activities during last year's Christmas. It was really stressful to the point that I wish I had an assistant. I would have acquired one if I had the funds, but since I didn't have, I had to turn to an app for assistance. The first app I used was the preinstalled alarm app on my Android device. The app was good to a fault, so I had to search for an alternative. While searching for an app on the Google play store, I found a lot of apps. But the app that got my attention was the one called Alkaa. Alkaa had a rating of 5.0 and over a hundred downloads.

What is Alkaa?


Alkaa is a nonproprietary application developed to aid users in managing their task effectively. It enables users to create tasks, remember important events, and break tasks into different categories. The Alkaa mobile application has been around for a while, its first version was launched a few months ago by Igor Escodro. Presently, the latest version that is Version 1.3.2 a few days ago, and it has been widely raved by many users. It's GitHub accounts has a lot of commits, so I believe a new version will be launched soon.

How i got started with the Alkaa mobile application:

I launched the Alkaa mobile application a few seconds after it's installation, and I got welcomed with its home screen. Initially, i was expecting to see an interface with at least one or two slides containing useful information about the mobile app, but there was none. Also, there was no message requesting permission to access my mobile storage, and it felt weird. Most of the apps that I had used, would have provided slides with information about the app, and they would have requested permission to access my device.

Since they were no guidelines and permission requests, l moved on to try out the Alkaa mobile application features. I created a task, but I couldn't save it because there was no save button within the interface. Since I wasn't a novice with mobile applications, I used my initiative to pulled through by using the enter button on my keyboard. However, I created seven different tasks, and I watched them execute one after the other. The next thing I did was to try and add a reminder to my tasks. I was a bit disappointed, and furious when I could not assign time to my task while creating it. At that time, I thought I had wasted my internet subscription on a scammed project. But after visiting the different fragments of the Alkaa mobile application, I found out how to attach a reminder to my task. Assigning a reminder to my task was easy. What I did was to click on the task I had created, and it displayed the reminder feature alongside other options.


The other two options were the category and description options.

One of the many reasons I liked the Alkaa mobile application was how it assigned different colors to my tasks. I was pleased because my preinstalled alarm app didn't have it. There was also an option to create as many categories as I wanted. The process of creating a category wasn't so difficult, the interface had existing categories, and a button to create a new one.


When I clicked on the option to create a new category, it requested for a name, and color to be assigned to my category. Having the ability to assign different colors to my category was good, and I commend the developer for his brilliance.


Aside from providing users with the ability to create a new category, the developer also made it easier to locate the default categories when you swipe your mobile screen from left to right.

Why I like the Alkaa mobile application:

The Alkaa mobile application is a great tool that has helped me in managing my schedule. Though the app doesn't have many features, it does have nifty ones. For me, the option to create a category, the note-taking option, and the option to assign a color to a category are the main reasons I'm using the Alkaa mobile application till today. Aside from that, I would still be using my preinstalled alarm app. Currently, the note-taking feature is my favorite. Anytime I want to write a short note, the note-taking feature on the Alkaa mobile application is what I use. Most times, I wish the developer could embed a markdown option on the note-taking feature.

Since the Alkaa mobile application is designed to manage tasks, I guess a markdown option will never be seen.



The Alkaa mobile application is an advanced schedule manager that should be owned by all android users. The app is completely free of any form of tracking. When you make the Alkaa mobile application your assistant, you'll yield positive results.


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