Birthday Buddy: An advanced app to keep tabs on birthdays, important yearly dates, and anniversaries

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Before now, I was fond of forgetting my friend birthdays, important yearly dates, and anniversaries. It was worse to the point that I had to seek help. Since I knew that I could get help from an app, I went in search for one. Luckily for me, I found an interesting app. With the app, I have been able to keep tabs on my friends birthdays, important yearly dates, and anniversaries.

Many users today are going through a lot of stress that leads to them missing out on their friends birthdays, important yearly dates, and anniversaries. But what if I tell you there's an app that would help you keep tabs on your friends and family birthdays. The name of the app is Birthday Buddy

What is Birthday Buddy?



The Birthday Buddy is a simple mobile app that is designed to help users in handling anniversaries, birthdays, and important yearly dates. The app was developed by a Germany based developer who goes by the name Procrastimax.

The Birthday Buddy mobile app has been around for three months now. According to its GitHub profile profile, it was launched on 25 May 2019. Its current version is 1.1, and it has over 50 downloads. In terms of memory, I think the developer did a great job. With just 1.1 megabytes, you can use the Birthday Buddy mobile app on your smartphone. The Birthday Buddy mobile app requires Android version 5.0 upwards, and that's pretty cool.


Aside from anniversaries, birthdays, and important yearly dates, the Birthday Buddy mobile app can do more. You can attach avatar images to your birthday events, and you can add notes too. Within the settings features, you can initiate an event, and get notified a couple of days before the event takes place. One of the features I like so much on the Birthday Buddy mobile app is the feature that enables users to initiate a one-time event. If you have an upcoming event like a graduation party, you can use this feature. What this feature does is that; after the event is executed, the Birthday Buddy mobile app deletes the event automatically.

How I got started with the Birthday Buddy mobile app:

After a successful download of the Buddy mobile app, getting started was quite simple. When I launched the app for the first time, I was expecting to see different slides containing information about the app, or at least a welcome message. But to my greatest disappointment, the developer didn't make provisions for that. The first page that displayed was the home page, and it had a preinstalled birthday.


At first, I was confused because I didn't know whose birthday it was. Out of curiosity, I went to the developer’s GitHub account, and I discovered that it was his birthday that came preinstalled on the Birthday Buddy mobile app. I went back to explore the app, and I found a hand full of features.

Adding events on the Birthday Buddy mobile app:


The Buddy mobile app supports three different event entries. One-time events, annual events, and birthday events. The first thing I did with the Buddy mobile app was to create a one-time event. The process was quite simple. From the homepage, I saw a button that had a plus sign as its icon. I clicked on it, and it popped up the three different event moods supported by the Buddy mobile app. I went ahead to click on the tab that had a One-time event as its label, and I gained access to its interface. The onetime event interface had three features, and they were all text fields.


There was a text field for writing the name of the event, the date, and a note. At that time I didn't have an event, but I created one just to see how it works. I moved on to the next tab that had annual events as its label, and I noticed a little difference with the interface.


The one-time event interface didn't have a year button, but the annual event interface had. As usual, I created an annual event.


The last tab that had birthday events as its label was completely different from the others. When I clicked on it, the interface had seven different features. There was a feature used in uploading an avatar image to a profile, there were text fields for writing the forename, surname, nickname, year and note. Since I had a lot of birthdays that month, I began to fill the form.

The settings feature:

The settings tab is the first feature I visited after creating my events. Honestly, I thought the settings won't be rich with features, but I was wrong because the developer had a different plan for me. One of the many reasons why I like the Buddy mobile app is its customizable nature. I have never used a birthday reminder app before, but I'm certain this one is the best.


Within the settings feature, I was able to customize the notification settings for the three different event moods supported by the Buddy mobile app. That is; I was able to customize the notification settings for the One-time events, annual events, and birthday events. Aside from handling the event notifications, there are other features. You can save your data, import your data, and delete your data. The only feature I had used is the save data feature. Like I said early, I have not used any birthday reminder app before so, there's no data to import. I don't think I will be using the delete data feature anytime soon.

Search feature:

Having a search feature on the Buddy mobile app is actually cool. With the amount of event I have on the Buddy mobile app, I think it will be difficult to access a particular profile without a search feature. Many users might feel the search feature is trivial. Well, to me it isn't because it has helped me in gaining quick access to my database.



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Hello, @abasifreke. Thank you for your contribution. The project indeed does look exciting and very cool. From my own point of view, it has even more feature compared to the default android reminder application. Bravo to the team.

On the content side, it could be improved. The writing style and the post formating has some flaws which could have been avoided. The graphics you have used here as well are of low quality. You might want to consider looking into this before publishing your next article.
I look forward to it.

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