How to Set Up a USI Tech Account in 4 Steps = FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY!

in usitech •  last year

USI Tech can Help All of Us Grow our Bitcoin Holdings at 140% in 140 days. However, this short step-by-step tutorial IS NOT about that.

This Is for New Members who have already Signed Up with USI Tech and wish to get set up in their Account.

***This is Not branded to any one team so everyone else in USI Tech can send their new members here for step-by-step account setup too!

**In 4 simple steps here's what you do...

scroll below the animation for 1 step at a time.


  1) First Login to USI 

  2) Next Fill Out “My Profile” section

  3) Fill out “Profile Settings” 

  4) Change “Your Website URL” & Verify Your New USI Account

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