[ USI Tech ] Horst Jicha, COO of USI Tech, Breaking the silence in webinar last night

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I am very glad to see that one of the top executives, Horst Jicha, came out last night to set the record straight. The last 2 weeks we had so much negative news being spread on USI Tech. And most of it was fake news.

It is great to hear that everything is fine with USI Tech and the Techcoin ICO is going ahead. Regular payments to members will continue shortly, but in controlled manner. I think this means new limits on what you can withdraw per day.

The USA and Canadian member account will be opened too. Not sure when.

Horst Jicha also answers questions on the Ether mining. PS. It is still going strong!

I have always said that USI Tech will not cancel the ICO. This ICO is going to be one of the biggest this year. USI Tech cannot afford it not to happen. This is what everyone is waiting for. This will be the big payday for USI Tech and it’s members.

Coach Darren recorded the webinar and posted it on Youtube today. So watch the full webinar below for all the details. This is a MUST WATCH for all members and people looking to join:

Please comment below with your thoughts on USI Tech?

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Glad to hear that. There was a lot of bad news going around esp. after the cease and desist.


Yes I agree @wond2006 It is important that they keep on paying us otherwise it will reflect badly on the ICO.


Makes Sense!


I wasn't involved but glad to see hope for many people.

Thanks for the USI Tech update. I dont have much spare cash for any form of speculation ... my only hope now is only Steem network.
thanks anyways!


If you don't have money STeemit.com is your best bet @sinlg. Steem on! :)


definitely. although at my current steempower, hard to have any real impact

Don't really know much about USI Tech although I've heard about it. I guess I'll need to go research more on it. Meanwhile, thank you for sharing here.


Hi @sungbojus, yes you should. Unfortunately I deleted all my USI Tech videos today to protect the business. But shoot me an email if you have questions at cwb197@gmail.com

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a very interesting post thank you @colinbrazendale,
I am very happy to hear it and become more spirit again by looking at your post.

Great video.

Good to know, was very uncertain whether to join! How were your videos on Usi-tech a problem?

I'm with you but I remain skeptical. Why wouldn't they just refund our BTC packages already? It could be just damage control on his part. I've invested in both the BTC packages and the USI Tech coin. I would be ok with my BTC packages being converted into more tech coins.