Bad user experience with DTube

in userexperience •  4 months ago
  1. Why I have to login to DTube at all is beyond me since I never made an account, I just use my Steemit account.
    Since I'm already logged in to Steemit, why must I also login to DTube?
  2. Adding to that the login experience is terrible, I have to dig into my Steemit account for a private key, the public key isn't good enough, this is all very confusing. Because you make all the effort and finally find the damn key, turns out it's the public key!
  3. Voting is very slow, instead of just showing the upvote when a message has been sent to a server the visual feedback waits until the vote has been confirmed. Do you think Youtube waits with that until the vote has been confirmed on the server? Of course not. It's totally irrelevant. Just show the damn upvote!
  4. I keep having to login over and over again, why is the "remember me" checkbox ignored?
  5. Why are hashtags case-sensitive? If you don't like upper case characters, just ignore them.

I cannot promote Steemit and DTube as an alternative platform to my family until being logged in to Steemit means you're automatically also logged in to DTube.

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