Being Useful For Useless Things

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A worker wakes up, dresses up, chuckles up their coffee, maybe does some exercise and then heads to work. While being in traffic, he entertains himself with the latest fad diet that someone famous suggested on a podcast. He thinks he has to make a change and take control. He wants his job to matter to someone. To do that, he needs to be healthy so he can useful to other people's needs.

What seems to bypass this valuable member of society is that most of the things he will perform, won't be much of use to anyone. Mind you, he could be a doctor waiting to perform on a patient. He might be a traffic agent. Heck he might be the president himself. What good does it do really if their task aids a patient that will later cause a traffic accident or worse, order a drone strike to kill some others? All these ofcourse don't register. These extra moves into the future are only useful to chess players.

Is anyone really doing anything that salvages humanity in any way? Aren't we all performing the same rituals, repeating the same lies to ourselves so we can keep going on? And forbid if you begin having any depressing or dismissive thoughts about this charade. You will be advised to see a specialist and get some help. You need to get back to being useful for useless things. Something is clearly wrong with you.

So instead of getting your dopamine from medication, society recommends some random sportive actions or the latest superfood. Get online click the like button and you might get some love back as well! It is all part of the plan. You don't have to belong but the rest of the useless pawns will make darn sure you will one way or another. And don't you dare being a contrarian-negative-Nancy. The rest will start to panic and. You will be ousted as the crazy one. And by all definition of what entails truth and fact based on democratic opinion, they are.

Enter those keystrokes into your magical proxy brain and you will get exactly what you are looking for. It might be useless but it is useful to you, right there, right now. Don't think too much. It will only get you in trouble. Dream about the new invention you are going to bring to humanity. Dream about the next asshole you are going to save and make them good one. Don't you dare dream about all those innocent helpless children that will grow up and still fuck things up. Stay positive. Your only weapon in this fight is hope. Keep lying to yourself much like every other religious dogma has instructed us for centuries. It worked in the past so why not now?You will get there. And if you don't, well it won't matter anyways. The point is to keep breathing. You need to be useful no matter how useless things are.

You are an individual. You matter. You are not controlled by your work hours, your society's stereotypes you darn phone that is glued inside your brain. Keep lying to yourself no matter what. In fact you should stop reading this bullshit right now.


Interesting perspective. It can be very difficult to find a deeper meaning sometimes. Most people do just work a normal job and try to do the things they find meaningful on the side. Few feel they do have a choice to, do what is meaningful first. Unless it pays good! ;) I consider myself one of the lucky few.

Fortunately, life is a huge neural net.
And the universe is a machine designed to bring everyone what they desire. (actually it is what they put their most attention into)

So, to be the most help and benefit to the world, you should seek out your highest joy. This does not involve hedonism, unless as a step for you to realize that hedonistic pleasures are short lived with many penalties and problems.

If everyone seeked out there highest joy, than the world will transform to be a paradise for everyone.

Not really since there is a limited supply and a great demand for specific things. Evolution has made sure of this. Most people, by natural law, stay in the sidelines.

Well, sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I agree with a lot of what you're saying. We perpetuate ourselves because... well, if we didn't feel the drive to do it, we wouldn't be here, would we? Kind of goes along with my decision not to have children.

But there are some moments of beauty and excitement to be had while we're here. Hope you find a few.

Most of my posts are like that. Sure there are moments of excitement. Otherwise we would all kill end ourselves.

Is an activity useless if the use of it is to satisfy yourself?

As long as it aids survival it is not useless. The point I wanted to make was in regards to finding deeper meaning in a world were everyone is trying to sell something.

Do you think nobody knows deep down that whatever they do is linked to their need to survive? On another note I´ve been following you for a while now and I really do like some of those reality checks you give but I noticed that you tend to generalize in those statements that are not based on science (i.e. this post). Strategically it´s genious as you reach more people this way but I was wondering if maybe you´re mostly surrounded by "normies" in RL?

Any suggestion or alternative?

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