How to choose the best-used car

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Inspect the exterior and interior

You should inspect the vehicle on a sunny day. First, you need to check the exterior of the car. Walk around the vehicle and deeply inspect the body damage. If all clear, then you can move towards the interior to examine. Now sit on driving seat and manually inspect the interior. You can check the wear on armrests, steering wheel, and gear shifting.

• If you see even minor damage, you can use it to negotiate a lower price of the vehicle
• You should check the vehicle’s age and mileage. This will help you to evaluate the vehicle’s price.
• Any damage to the body also indicates that the vehicle was wrecked and was not properly repaired.

Test drive


If you have found your ideal vehicle with no damage, you can take it to test drive. It’s professional thinking of test driving a vehicle before buying it. You can also test drive the vehicle to check that the vehicle is suitable for you. Use test time to check the engine running, brakes work well, and the car turns and reverse without any difficulty.

If there are no issues mechanically, consider is this car comfortable for you? Are you able to adjust the seat and can reach to the pedals and gears easily?

Read the title of the vehicle

All information of the vehicle, the current owner, vehicle description and mileage is listed in the title. You can search the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number listed on the title. Match this number with VIN on the car, and make sure they match.

Check that if the vehicle is “salvage” or “flood vehicle” titles, it means the car has extensive damage. Salvage vehicle cannot be registered in your name until they are rebuilt.

Order the title history report

The title history report tells that whether the car was rebuilt or salvaged, damaged or stolen. If any of these accidents happened, the car might have unseen damaged or other issues that make it unsafe.

You can order a history record from one of the vendors listed. If the history shows any damage record and you still want to buy that vehicle, then you can use this information to negotiate the price.

Evaluate the car history report

Sometimes, the title history report doesn’t give all the information which you need. The service history report wills tell you about the all previous owner of the cars. It will also tell you that if this car was involved in an accident and what type of damage has ever done to the vehicle.


Even for a certified car, you need a consultant who inspects the car. The consultant shouldn’t associate with the dealership. He will assure you whether there is any damage or not. If you don’t have a specific mechanic, you can contact the car buying consultant. They will help you in the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

Even if you are buying a vehicle from its owner directly, don’t take it to a mechanic the owner recommends you. They surely have a deal with the owner to downplay the severe problems with the vehicle.

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