Best budget vehicle for college students

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The best budget vehicle for college students in my opinion is hands down JDM - Japanese Domestic Market. I’m a HONDA chick proud owner of the 7th generation Honda Accord Ex 5spd; so of course that would be the one I would promote first.

    While your on your journey searching for the right car on a budget that gets you to A, B and sometimes Q is important; so here are some helpful car directions that is practical; we are going to be responsible and think about the important things... NOT ABOUT HOW FLASHY you can look in a nice car. Because a nice looking car that is stuck parked outside your window and can’t be driven is so not cute at all. Leaving your house extra early in the morning because you have to take the MTA, walking pass your nice looking parked car 🤣. 

So to AVOID this from happening we are going to think about time, money, and responsibilities ☝🏾 I know, I know it’s blah🤮🤯🤓 but someone has to do it.!

  • How much did I pay for the car ?

  • Would the parts for this car be way more expensive then the initial deal and value of this car when I brought it ?

  • Can I afford to drop 100-1000$ on PARTS ONLY
    ( WE DIDN'T EVEN ADD THE MAINTENANCE LABOR TO REPLACE PART) at random things can get cra cra and at a moment just in case you get stuck on the road or a funny Sound just got out of hand AND a check engine light comes on out of no where 😱.... * I can not drive a car with a check engine light, because that drives me crazy personally **

  • Can I afford the Labor when I do get the parts? Because mechanic’s charge by the hours of shop time labor; so the bigger the job the more labor hours that are added *** ☝🏾please keep in mind for example in NY the shops rate can be 90$ an hour and or more depending on where you go.

  • If I do not purchase parts on my own how much more would I have to spend at the shop if the mechanic get my parts and install. ( in my opinion I always try to buy my own parts so I can cut out the middle man, if you can’t buy your own parts be ready to pay whatever they want to charge you if it’s even a new part anyway 🤞🏽🤞🏽.) **** these links below is so you can buy your own legitimate parts I use some of these websites a lot and very fast shipping **

  • ( I always buy from here fast shipping)

  • ( never brought but I heard it’s ok )

  • ( never brought but heard it’s ok )

  • Do I have AAA- Towing on my insurance policy every month expense you should always have AAA.

  • How much is the yearly or daily maintenance the basic TUNE UP COST?

  • How much will my insurance charge me a month?

  • Is my car HIGHLY LIKELY TO BE STOLEN IN MY AREA? * now this one is kind of tricky because majority of HONDA’s CAN BE ON THAT TOP LIST. (Not to scare you but if you like to trick your car out like I do; you want to think about how safe is it parked on the street when your sleeping); and reverting back to your insurance company.

    Insurance companies may charge you a bit of a higher rate if your vehicle is on the list of most likely to be stolen that link tells you the top vehicles stolen nationwide as well as a calendar year report.

That should sum up the major points so if you have any questions to my personal opinion about car shopping 🛒 leave a comment send me your thoughts and upvote my post and share

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