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Welcome to the New US, where fun isn't allowed, happiness is a myth, peace is a lie and there is only w... Not yet! Thanks, Trump! Wait... It's Biden... Never mind, it's Trump's fault anyway!
I am reacting a bit late, at first I did not want to do that at all.





But seriously... The new leader of the United Socialist States of America locked down Washington because of two homeless guys starting dumpfire. People do not matter anymore, there are flags. Biden is afraid even of his own soldiers. Biden is not a dictator, dictators suffered severe paranoia in the very end, not at the beginning. He is just a puppet and he probably knows this. The guy who was elected by the "most presidential votes in history" is afraid to show his face before those "people".
Let us remember Biden by my favourite song: (

). Before he dies and will be replaced by african-asian-everythingthatgivessocialpoints Kamala Harris.

I cannot wait for Americans escaping to China, because there's more freedom. Let's not forget to take guns from people, so they cannot defend themselves... and take ammo from soldiers... so... they cannot kill Biden? Ah, I forgot, the purges in the military are not done yet, so we have to be careful. It is not easy to decrypt what is going on, because it does not make sense, maybe that is the purpose. Shotguns are efficient enought for home defence in the end! Except when they are not, like against bears (you miss, you're dead, you miss the head, you're dead). But that's just one of the coming-up idiotic (and in the future escalating) restrictions.

But at least Antifa and BLM are finally calm... except they aren't. It would be funny to see them shot by the police on Biden's orders (if he lives that long), when everyone expected it to happen during Trump's rule. The mask wearing will be mandatory, so at least they won't catch the flu, which is the most important thingy (Forcing people to wear something is unconstitutional even where I live, yet it's mandatory, who needs constitution, right? It's just a paper anyway.).

We are entering a new dark age. But harsh times create strong men. I am pessimist, but this is just the law of nature and history. I still believe people will awaken. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe it will take another 60 years, but they will. What upsets me the most is the postponing of technological advancement caused by this. War usually brigns new technologies, but we (as the mankind) currently need to focus on space, rather than wasting resources on endless war-mongering which Trump decided to stop and Biden will probably unleash again (Either in Middle East or worse, in China. Don't get me wrong, defeating Chinese regime would be the biggest victory from the fall of Nazi Germany, not mentioning Soviet Union, 'cuz that killed itself.), but the losses would be just unbearable in the current state of technology.

It is also funny how the view on police changed drastically. When fighting Antifa and BLM, they are nazi-racist-scumbags. When fighting said Trump supporters, they are heroes. I am glad everyone forgot about that "all police should die" thing tho. That's probably the only good thing Biden's propaganda did so far. Even though they "blame" Trump for this, lmao. I still hope Trump has a remote Liberty Prime activation button on him, in case Biden really starts putting his opposition in fun camps and bombs those, who refuse his stupid restrictions. Well see... The best scenario would be, if Biden (Kamala and Clinton's) won't be able to actually do anything. Just let it pass and try not to anger the rest of the population which still believes in democrats, if that's a thing at all. In the worst, there will be immigration wave, economy will crash, because Biden decided US does not need to be self-sufficient and rather moves work force back to China, naturally stopping the trade war with it. And Paris-treaty makes a quick process with the rest of the US industry. Let us hope Biden won't make the same mistake as Trump, not starting a new war, which would turn the estabilishment against him.

I sincerely hope I'm being paranoid myself. Those who warned against nazis were laughed at and ignored too, probably not as harshly as the current opossition (BEFORE the war, I mean, ofc), but they still were. Let us praise the little of freedom we still have, the freedom to live, because we've already lost the freedom of having a different opinion.

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