The USA is REALLY Falling Apart - But Markets are trading SKY HIGH!

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The U.S.A is Falling Apart, Morally and Financially

It is a fact that public transportation systems, bridges and roads form the livelihood of communities in any nation. Infrastructure connects people, gets people to work and back to their families. A functional system of highways and streets is paramount for to healthy economy and competitiveness at the global level.

Unfortunately, the existing federal investment in infrastructure is the lowest in two decades and extremely inadequate. The U.S. is behind and is falling apart.

A nation that once had the best infrastructure in the world, U.S.A. was ranked 25th for overall quality of infrastructure in 2013. Low productivity, maintenance and wasted fuel costs resulting from congestion amounted to $120b in 2013.

Take a look at the following charts that give proofs the U.S. economy is crumbling.

The middle class is shrinking and the lower class is growing, with about 50m Americans living below the poverty line:


Consumer sentiment for the consumer-driven economy is sinking fast:


This consumer angst leads to a decline in spending, especially so in the retail, auto and restaurant sectors:

headlineretailsalesWages are lessening:


And Americans are unethical when it comes to debt: they are always piling up debt. All of them work longer than ever to pay the growing tax bill and repay loans.

In America, broken families are a fact of life.

Public trust in almost all American public institutions, the government included, has vanished as officials and politicians are deceitful and self-centered. Moral corruption is a common thing among elected officials, for example how the Clintons have become richer by the day by pursuing special interests.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party presidential nominee for the 2016 elections is a serial liar. One spectacular example is the 11-page report by the FBI Director James Comey that exposed Clinton’s false claim that she did not use her private email service to run her public business.

On the other hand though, the brave businessman and Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in this year’s elections promises to bring America back from the ruins of liberalism and make it great again. He plans to make reforms in tax, immigration, veterans’ administration, healthcare, U.S.-China trade and other sectors.

U.S. Stock Market Trading Sky High

Irrespective of the worrisome economic and political situation and the recent U.S. economic downturn, U.S. stock markets are trading sky high.


High performance is backed by increased government spending, favorable Federal Reserve policies and good earnings reports from a plethora of the largest and very influential companies.

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Good article! It shouldn't surprise me if the US stock market and the USD will crash soon. There is A LOT OF AIR in the markets because of years of printing money. The real economy worldwide still sucks and the markets are sky high. This deviation has to correct one day!

I doubt the economy is going to experience a crash for those reasons. Consumer spending is strengthening, along with hiring. The American Dollar is still trusted as an international currency. As long as the overwhelming majority buy into the dollar as a unit of value, we'll be fine. I know people will disagree with me, but it is what it is. People are against things like the Fed, but I'm for a lot of our regulations because its better to have some tools to fight against depressions and recessions rather than having no tools to fight with. Boom bust cycles used to take their natural course, with governments having no clue how to begin intervening.


hmm, and when it's the election cycle, and how this has been an abnormally long time without a recession. Great Depression part 2, Roaring Tens are coming to an end.

The upper class is growing, more luxury spending.

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All bubbles are designed to burst. Its the nature of the game. If you look at stock market history, your will see a similar pattern.