How is counting votes so hard?

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Every time there is a vote of any kind, its a complete fuckup in the US.

Did they not start voting 300 years ago?

This should be routine by now.


IDK, we in Estonia use online voting and it works great.

But I guess only because we are a small country with only 1.3 mil people

Yes. You are right but almost everything change daily, if not every seconds. We are in a changed world. Back in the days ( 300years ) I know there would be somethings called Legacy which we can not find in our new era. We fight for modernization and yet we are not modernize.

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The more politicians have rights to change laws, send troups, tax away your wages, the more important becomes voting (not for the people, but for the politicians and their buddies in the media).

So the only thing we can do is to withdraw their power.

Hey, @knircky.

This was what is called a caucus, so it's a bit different than a regular vote. I think Iowa and maybe one or two others are the very few who do it. Iowa stands out, of course, because they're first in the process and alone when it happens.

Until yesterday, there's been no issues because all they've produced from them is the winner of each caucus, and then totaled those up statewide. This time, they decided to add two other bits of information and report on them—first preference for nominee and second preference for nominee.

However, in doing so, they apparently didn't have a uniform way of collecting the information, and they wanted to have a paper trail. So, basically, they changed the formatting without testing it or extensive training on how to do it, and so this is what you get.

I'd have to look to see how well Iowa has predicted the outcomes for either major party, but in a lot of cases, it's meant only to give certain candidates some momentum going into primaries, rather than give the first place contender such a lead that they maintain it throughout the rest of the election process.

In other words, it can be much ado about nothing, especially now, when the results have been delayed.

Oh, and the voting deal is more like 232 years. :)

I am not in the front lines but know people who work on these so call voting apps. The reality is people in charge have no clue how to do digital voting and hire recent graduates or people who are related to other politicians to develop the app. There is no oversight as to what the programmers work because people in control do not have enough programming background. Yet the government gives out grants for people to work on these apps. I work in a share work space environment where multiple free lancers and individual own small companies.

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