US threatens sanctions 'the most difficult' in the history of the United States

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On Monday, Pompeo said it would be in violation of Iran's sanctions if it did not accept all US demands, including abandoning its nuclear ambitions, discontinuing ballistic missile programs and trying to influence its influence.

After US President Donald Trump withdrew from Iran's nuclear deal on May 8 and announced the ban on the country, Pompeo heard the harsh words. It is believed that serious clashes between Washington and Tehran have been prepared.

After being US Secretary of State, Pope gave his threat to Iran in his first foreign policy speech. He also said that the ban on the heap of Iranian rulers, who have chosen the unacceptable and unprofitable way for the people of the country and themselves, will only be more painful for them.

Pompeo said, "These restrictions are the most difficult restrictions in the history of our time."

He said that if sanctions are effective, then Iran will have to fight a war to save their economy.

Pompeo also criticized the policy of Iran's influence in the Middle East. He warned that the US will root out Iranian operations abroad and eliminate the collaborators. Pompeo also told Iran to remove their forces from Syria.

But there is no possibility of bowing down to a demand from the United States of America.

Pompeo also said that he would work closely with the Pentagon and Arab allies to resist any attack from Iran.

In the first speech on foreign policy, Pampo announced 'Plan B' to stop Iran.

There is a need to meet 12 demands from Washington to make a new agreement with Tehran. Among those claims, the withdrawal of all the troops from Syria and the support of anti-government support in Yemen has been asked.

Pompeo said, when Washington thinks that Iran has changed its policy only then the ban will be withdrawn.

"We'll impose unprecedented monetary pressure on Iran. Tehran leaders should not be in any kind of doubt about the importance we have taken. Iran will no longer be arbitrary to pressure the Middle East in the future. "

Although Israel praised the decision to step down from the nuclear deal, Germany, the United Kingdom and France criticized the decision and the two other countries of the agreement are trying to save the deal with Russia and China.

After Iran's nuclear deal in 2015, many European firms have invested in the country. Now the United States is forced to withdraw from the contract and to force them to choose between one of the two to save investment in Iran or trade with the United States.

Although many companies have denied damages in the wake of the US sanctions, they might have lost their business, but in the meantime, they have started to reverse business in Iran.

Pompeo has clearly expressed the hope of helping Europe's allies. He also urged Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and United Arab Emirates to support their decision.

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