Putin Threatens To Use Nukes | Market Frenzy

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President Vladimir Putin has announced that there will be a partial mobilization of troops in Russia. This mobilization comes after Russia has pulled back troops from northern regions of Ukraine in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. During this message to the people of Russia, he also reaffirmed that using nuclear weaponry may be on the table which has led the markets into somewhat of a panic mode.

We are seeing it currently in the crypto market, Bitcoin took a modest dip of 2% within 24 hours. HIVE has fallen by ~3.5% since 24 hours as well. My view is that Putin is taking the Ukrainian conflict very seriously as he is seeking to escalate the conflict further due to European encroachment in the conflict. Naturally, both sides have their reasons to defend or attack Ukraine. The serious antics from Putin will likely play a negative role tomorrow when the stock market opens again. I'm not making any particular opinions on where the market may go, but It's sure going to lead to some higher volume. At the very least we may see a dip in the markets, it is all dependent on how Europe and the USA react to the recent announcement.

A larger escalation in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict will lead to higher inflation rates for the USA and may possibly lead Europe into double-digit inflation. We won't know how this will negatively affect the markets leading up to Autumn and winter. Putin's position in energy production and Germany's reliance on Russia's energy products will leave Europe in a tough spot. If they anger Russia, it may cripple the European markets that are reliant on Russian oil, especially if they are considered rivals to Russia.

I'm expecting some serious economic ramifications in the US.

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