Happy Independence Day USA 2019

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It's a day of celebration today, as our American friends celebrate their freedom from British monarchy rule. When enough was enough, the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence on July 4, 1776.

The USA is not a perfect country, it has a bloody history of genocides, slavery, segregation, countless (false flag) wars and abuses. However, despite political corruption misleading the people, it's a place of good patriotic citizens who love their country which became the world's hub for science, technology, opportunities and culture. Built by colonists and immigrants from around the world, they turned their wood houses into skyscrapers, their muddy streets filled with horse poop (literally) into highways of fast moving cars, their steam trains into airplanes, their telegram lines into satellite communication. Without a doubt, freedom and liberty had their price with a Civil War and two World Wars. America has come a long way to become a superpower.

Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence day @drakos
We just had Canada day on the first and the following days here was Tax Robbery Day as many of us are relieved of our entire Tax refunds to pay our property taxes.

Indeed, I wrote a post about Canada day too.

Happy 4th of July buddy, God bless America

When reading your publication, a reflection of my country, Venezuela will hold its "independence" tomorrow, July 5, I put it in quotes because, in my opinion, we are not currently independent, we import 97% of the consumer product and raw materials until 2017 . we have foreign influence (Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey) our weapons come from the USA. UU Russia, China

In my country, corruption predominates, looting of resources, we have many resources and the majority of the population is poorly nourished, poor and few are rich.

So the United States is not the only one hahahaha.

Actually, I wish that the nations were not independent, but that they depended on the only source of Life Jesus Christ.

Happy 4th of July.

God bless the United States.

The USA has known how to evolve very well, and its technological advances are impressive.

Hello sir @drakos, Happy independence day, I want to go someday to Disney to have enjoy with my little sister and my parents.

Thanks for the gif.. I couldn't not stop watching it:))

Pretty cool isn't it.

Yeah, I love staring at maps:))

Happy independence day to the United States Of America as well as it's citizens. Of a truth, this country really grew from rag to riches in less than no time.

Happy 4th of July buddy!

I think it is positive to learn from our shared history to build a better future with blockchain technology.

4th of July is free day

No country is perfect and we are all striving towards making things better. The zeal, desire and the hope should always be retained if things are to get better for any country and America has been setting the pace. I echo: "God bless America". Happy July 4th, sir.

Happy Independence Day USA. The way it has come up post Independence is truly commendable.

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Belated happy Independence day to you @drakos :D and the rest of America.

I'm not American, the post was about our American friends ;)

Oh Ok Sir :D

Are you only 30 mvests put of the top 20? Or am I misreading the list?

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Goodness, that seems so doable. You'd be another voice for opposing EIP, right?

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Yes. However the supermajority are in favor of it, so I doubt my voice will change anything, unless a few more top witnesses change their minds.

You would make two. I wonder if two others could have their minds changed. There's a lot of people talking. It's maybe translating into engagement.

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We did it! Did you see?!? You're in the room where it happens! Let's get more folks who'll oppose EIP in there! Or convince the other folks in the room! I think your position on EIP helped move you there. Hopefully that'll be a sign for the others, too! I know @yabapmatt opposes it, too.

How's top twenty treating you? You shaking things up?

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