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[Table] GMT :19:00 05 Mar 2019

NameVolatilityPrice 2 weeks agoCurrent price
STEEM21.4 %0.00008519 BTC0.0001034 BTC
LTC13.1 %0.01203829 BTC0.01362 BTC
NEO5.9 %0.00266001 BTC0.00281807 BTC
LSK1.5 %0.00031879 BTC0.00032362 BTC
XRP-1.0 %0.00008267 BTC0.00008183 BTC
QTUM-1.3 %0.00054028 BTC0.00053303 BTC
BTG-2.6 %0.003168 BTC0.00308501 BTC
XEM-3.0 %0.00001117 BTC0.00001083 BTC
TRX-3.1 %0.00000638 BTC0.00000618 BTC
XLM-3.2 %0.0000229 BTC0.00002217 BTC
WAVES-3.4 %0.00070961 BTC0.0006854 BTC
OMG-3.4 %0.00032958 BTC0.00031832 BTC
ZRX-3.4 %0.00006438 BTC0.00006218 BTC
XMR-3.5 %0.01320014 BTC0.01274374 BTC
ETH-3.6 %0.03665447 BTC0.03533974 BTC
DASH-3.8 %0.02222462 BTC0.02137 BTC
DCR-4.1 %0.00451666 BTC0.00433158 BTC
ETC-4.3 %0.00116 BTC0.00111028 BTC
ADA-5.5 %0.0000118 BTC0.00001115 BTC
ZEC-6.3 %0.0139 BTC0.01301745 BTC
REP-8.7 %0.00358123 BTC0.00327016 BTC
ZIL-8.7 %0.00000483 BTC0.00000441 BTC


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The above table is a list of the 'Upbit Exchanges' listed coins within the top 50 CoinMarketCap market.
All coins are categorized as 'bull(+) / bear(-) ', and you should pay particular attention to additional price drops when investing on bear trap coins.

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