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[Table] GMT :19:00 01 Mar 2019

NameVolatilityPrice 2 weeks agoCurrent price
KMD28.3 %0.000205 BTC0.000263 BTC
STEEM18.8 %0.00008668 BTC0.00010294 BTC
OMG8.4 %0.00031587 BTC0.00034254 BTC
NEO5.9 %0.00266001 BTC0.00281807 BTC
LTC5.9 %0.0118 BTC0.01249041 BTC
ETH5.2 %0.03379948 BTC0.03554799 BTC
QTUM4.8 %0.00053142 BTC0.00055714 BTC
ZRX2.5 %0.00006305 BTC0.00006461 BTC
LSK0.8 %0.00031535 BTC0.00031794 BTC
XLM0.5 %0.00002203 BTC0.00002214 BTC
XRP0.2 %0.00008366 BTC0.00008384 BTC
ADA0.1 %0.0000113 BTC0.00001131 BTC
DASH-1.0 %0.02181123 BTC0.0216 BTC
ETC-2.6 %0.00113166 BTC0.00110233 BTC
BTG-2.6 %0.003168 BTC0.00308501 BTC
XEM-3.2 %0.00001151 BTC0.00001114 BTC
XMR-4.2 %0.01309722 BTC0.01255196 BTC
ZEC-4.3 %0.01408544 BTC0.0134797 BTC
ZIL-4.9 %0.00000473 BTC0.0000045 BTC
WAVES-5.2 %0.00073456 BTC0.00069661 BTC
TRX-6.5 %0.00000659 BTC0.00000616 BTC
DCR-7.3 %0.00461868 BTC0.00428186 BTC
REP-10.4 %0.00371832 BTC0.00333023 BTC


@crypto-report reports on coins & tokens price changes in real time four times a day to help you establish various investment strategies.

The above table is a list of the 'Upbit Exchanges' listed coins within the top 50 CoinMarketCap market.
All coins are categorized as 'bull(+) / bear(-) ', and you should pay particular attention to additional price drops when investing on bear trap coins.

If you upvote on this post, @crypto-report will refund you the total amount of SBD generated after payout, calculated as the percentage of the profits.
Do not miss the chance to track coin changes, check out the market trends, and collect the steem dollars as bonuses.

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