The solar power panels need to be built in California

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The California Energy Commission has approved the plan. The BBC's next major step is to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, according to a BBC report.

According to the current law in California, half of the electricity used there will come by 2030, from sources which do not emit carbon.

The construction of the new construction plan is now approved by the Building Standards Commission.

Someone is opposing this plan. Critics claim that, if it is effective, the cost of building will add another eight to 12 thousand dollars. However, as the Energy Commission, homeowners only have to pay $ 40 a month. However, at the same time, the homeowners can save 80 dollars per month so that the claim commission can save 80 dollars per month.

In the plan, the solar panels for fully shade homes are not effective and cost-effective. In this case, the homeowners have the opportunity to place solar power panels in each separate house or to share in a home by placing solar panels in a home.

Adding this panel to home owners currently in use is not mandatory.

In the use of solar energy, the California Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has already topped the ranking of California. In the year 2017, about 16 percent of the total electricity used in this state comes from solar power.

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