New York attorney general resigns

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In a statement on Monday, he said, "There have been serious allegations against me. I firmly reject them.

"Although these allegations are not related to my professional conduct or official activities, those complaints will inhibit my responsibilities in this complexity."

According to a BBC report, the announcement of Schneiderman's resignation came after the assassination of a New York magazine report by quotes four women.

The four women accused of raising the support of "Two to Movement" voiced by women around the world against sexual abuse, two of them, have been identified as the former girlfriend of New York's attorney general.

After New Yorker published the report, New York Governor Andrew Coom urged Eric Schneiderman to resign from the post of attorney general.

He said, "Nobody is up to the law, not even the highest law officer in New York. I do not think Eric Schneider may continue the responsibility of the attorney general in this situation. "

After being accused of raping and sexually assaulting a large number of actresses against Hollywood influential producer Harvey Weinstein, the Schneiderman started the process in February, as the chief prosecutor of the state of New York.

He was accused of sexually assaulting women workers of his organization, and even threatened to kill him, in the case.

After the process was started, Schneider said in a tweet that every citizen of New York has the right to get a job-free, harassment and panic free working environment.

If someone is victim of such kind of misconduct, he was advised to contact the attorney general's office in the tweet.

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