URINE FASTING?? Sounds disgusting right?! Graeme sits down with Dr. Jake Ames to discuss the people that he has seen overcome cancer using urine therapy and other natural remedies.

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This doctor is using natural remedies to help his patients overcome multiple forms of cancer and other chronic diseases. One of the most powerful of these remedies is Urine Therapy and Urine Fasting. He sat down to answer some of my questions about this ancient but little known practice.

We also discuss the benefits of the Kwasniewski ketogenic diet when combined with Urine therapy. Topics include:

Urine therapy for weight loss 1:05
Cancer 1:55
Gangrene 3:30
Type 2 Diabetes 3:45
Urine injections for allergies 7:45
Gallstones & kidney stones 8:15
Kwasniewski Diet for yeast overgrowth, small bowel bacteria and parasites 12:12
ALS, Parkinsons, & Multiple Sclerosis 12:57

Kwasniewski Ketogenic Diet

"The Water of Life” by John W. Armstrong

A basic urine fast guide

Thank you Dr. Jake for sharing your knowledge with us! More to come in the natural remedy series~

Much love,
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