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The social media platform that I use often is Instagram. I really like the aesthetic as it is an application for both videos and pictures. The content is always colorful, beautiful and entertaining. Various challenges are done there in which people participate and sometimes they are truly funny. There are so many things one can learn from the platform.

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People post educational videos as one can learn how to do makeup, how to cook, get career advice among other things. I know it may look like a shallow application because people may think that video and picture content may be for only fun purposes but truth is if you can find very useful information on there. The majority of the people on this application however are the young crowd as some older people may find it overwhelming.

Steemit is a great platform because much as it is a social media platform, it mostly deals with writing which is very beneficial in the sense that it massages your intellect while at the same time it teaches you writing, editing skills. Spending a lot of time on steemit will push one to write better articles. This can only be done through good research which definitely improves one's research skills.

One's grammar definitely improves because you have to make sure your work is easily understood, well written. Steemit actually has tasks where members learn how to write and things like markdowns etcetera are taught. Steemit pushes its users to explore their communities as some of the tasks require people to talk about their surroundings and even add the pins. This makes its users more adventurous even through other tasks like "The Diary Game".

If I am to compare the two platforms, both are very useful and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Instagram is a picture and video based platform which is very useful and attractive for visual people whereas Steemit is mostly word based whereby people write articles and insert just some pictures to complement the stories except for those communities which solely promote photography. Steemit caters for both visual and avid readers and writers. Both are advantageous because they cater for a certain category of people.

Instagram has been condemned for promoting unrealistic standards of how people should look as relates to beauty standards, weight among other things. Some people on Instagram really grow first because of how they look. Steemit users are very unlikely to face such comparisons amongst themselves as the only competition is with yourself as you strive to always make your next piece of work better so you can earn highly.

Instagram also cause people to spend a lot of time online just scrolling through videos and pictures and not necessarily doing anything that can be termed as productive. Steemit on the other hand causes people to read and try to digest what they have read thus it is very hard to come to Steemit and fail to be productive or learn something new.

All in all, these two platforms are all useful and have great advantages and disadvantages though I would say that Steemit does have more advantages.

I invite @mariez, @moureenbronia and @iraguha to participate.


Hello friend @pixiepop, i would advise you put up a display picture.

You have made efforts with your post, unlike you i seldom use instagram, i would be found more on Steemit and whatsApp, they are really beneficial to me.

Good luck to you, blessings.

Respected thank you very much for taking participate in Steemit Enagement Challenge | Season2, Week #1.

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respected there are few points that are necessary to attempt , you explained very well but you missed the tip of contest

Contest Theme
For the first week, we have chosen the topic of social media. Which social media do you use the most. Why and how steemit social media is different and better than other social media. In the light of your experience, compare steemit social media with other social media.


Write about the social media you use the most daily and why is it beneficial for you or not?
Why do you think spending more time on steemit than on other social media platforms can help you grow in life and benefits your life?
In the end compare Steemit with other social media platforms by talking about their advantages and disadvantages, and give examples from your personal experience.
thank you for taking interest

The social media platform that I use often is Instagram.

Wow instagram is one of the great social media of the present era. I also like it very much. We can also run a bussiness with the help of instagram. Thanks for sharing with us.

Absolutely true. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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