The Bungalow, Devon. Visited January 2020

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Urban Exploring (UE) tends to be seen by many as an interest that should be frowned upon. I agree to a certain extent having seen a lot of childish immature offerings made by millennial goontubers, and Instagram idiots. Who think it’s more about them than the actual building/graveyard/ graffiti et all. Never mind the vandals, taggers or thieves. Most of whom lurk on Facebook pages.
As an explorer covering the U.K. and Europe, my aim is to bring an unseen glimpse into places that would otherwise remain silent in decay. I try to take my photographs in as sympathetic a manner as possible, always remembering that I am just a vehicle for other people’s memories.


Prefabricated bungalows of this type were constructed following the 1944 Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Act.
Between 1944 and 1949 150,000 temporary bungalows were built throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The bungalows were designed to last 10-15 years.

Sir John Henry Seale, 5th Baronet (1921–2017). Landlord.
He gained the rank of Captain in the Royal Artillery.He was an architect and was registered as an Associate, Royal Institute of British Architects.

Albert Victor Green, tenant.
Interestingly in 1983 whilst at this address applied for a European patent for “a concentrator for a shotgun shell wad’. This patent was withdrawn by the commission in August 1986 due to the applicant. Not responding to communications. I can. Trace no personal details of Albert, one must of assume he died sometime in 1985, the date of the last calendar still on the wall.

One can only assume he had no surviving kin.









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