I went walkabout...Found an abandoned Farmhouse

in urbanexploring •  2 years ago 

I found an abandoned farmhouse. I only have a camera phone so the pics are not great...but still pretty cool..... Actually two. One I believe is the original homestead from the 1890's, and the newer one is probably from the 1950's. I don't think anybody has lived here since the late 1950's though.

One view of the original homestead

This is the doorway to the original homestead.

Two different views of the newer home.


Camp trailer, possibly from the 1950's
I am only guessing as to the year of this trailer. If you have any idea as to the make, model, and year please leave a comment.


Cool hat left in a window of the trailer. Probably from another visitor.

Different views of what could be an old milk barn.

Unfortunately, a tree has fallen on this old milk barn, and it was making noises as the wind was blowing or I would have gotten pictures from the inside. Perhaps I will return another day.


This looked like it was an old stable of some kind.

That's it folks. I do intend on going back and getting more pics of this place.

Thanks for checking out my walkabout.

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