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Continuing with the 'Urban Robots' series, this is the new kid on the block. Meet 'Dimitri'. I am experimenting with new colours, and given this is an 'urban art' take on robot, I got me some pretty colours of graffiti paint.

Quite happy with the result.

Mild rusted and painted steel, brass eyes and reclaimed mechanical and electrical components on a concrete base. Life size.


Thanx for sharing.
Looks great this Mister Dimitri .
Inspiring like ever .

Hihi, beeing "QUITE" happy , ....... . ?
Yes, is there a next step ?

Some surprising live features , moving parts, a talking chatbot interface, windows to look into, getting the lookers to touch it ?

No this has time, Dimitri is looking quite alive just by beeing .


That would be a logical next step. I'm thinking Arduino programmed lights triggered by movement sensors. Could be fun. :)

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