My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day#2

in urban-photocontest •  5 months ago


So this one is a bit older, it's from last winter when i visited a beautiful small village in austria. The village is called 'Bad Hofgastein' and is really worth a visit! ;) On my trip i also climbed the mountain 'Stubnerkogel'in the alps which is about 2200 meters high. Ok just jokin' i think i am not that sporty to climb up there...i just took the cable railway :P

Up there was this awesome bridge and i saw a lot of pics done like this and wanted to have my own one ;) so i asked my girl if she could press the shutter on my p10 plus ;) i told her what i imagine and set up the composition walked away and yelled to shoot :D this is what the final pic looks like now ;) ok i have already posted this pic on my instagram account but there it is in colors.

For the contest i took one of my bnw presets and tweaked a little to fit to this pic :) by the way i have a set of free presets, if you want one just ask me in the comments ;)

I hope you like this one and thanks a lot @flamingirl for this awesome contest and that i was within the top 5 of day#1 :)

Would you go through this bridge or do you have fear of heights? and would you face your fears? i just did it for the shot ;)

here the proof of ownage ;)!
(don't know if its called like that but i wanted to use that word....ownage...sounds cool... :P )



just thought to be creative and do the proof also in black and white :P

here it is one more time in colored ;)


have a great evening everyone!
greetz from germany

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OMG, I'm participating but you deserve to win! You're an excellent photographer!


hey carla :) thank you so much! i really appreciate it :) but i think there are much better photographers out there who would really deserve to win :) i am just glad to participate and show my work to the steemit community and people who love visuals and photography :)

you also have great photos and you deserve to win too ;) i wish you good luck and you have already won one new fan :) keep it up :) muchas gracias! ;)


aw thanks sweet heart. :)
what is your instagram user?
I would love to follow you there :D

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