Send upvote requests to se-app ... no comments on your posts... refund on unvoted value

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Our vote market is pretty simple ... Send the upvote requests to se-app ... the same way as you used to with steemegg...

you will receive up to 2x your sent value...

the amount that you don't receive is refunded...

sent -> 1
to recieve -> 2 vote

recieve -> 0.84 vote

1 - 0.42 = 0.58 refund

why 0.42? Because at the end of the day you are getting back the unspent budget, since the vote value is double...

additionally no comments...

someone said they don't want comments on their posts... that doesn't happen with the vote market... im sure there are still hidden reason why they don't want to use the market... but to each his own...

this is my last attempt to make it work. i dont think its going to make a difference but we shall see...

I don't see the witness lasting much longer as We lose 20 + dollars a month to operate it... I know that "seems" like a small amount, but considering we cant even get a 20 cent upvote on one of our witness comments a week then it becomes a much larger amount.


Heres a free vote on behalf of @se-witness.

Greetings friend @steemegg, by any chance are you making changes from TRX to Steem? If so, what is the process?

Greetings friend @steemegg.

Is the TRX to Steem exchange system active? How do I make a change?

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