Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

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So I've been thinking, and that's not an entirely unusual thing for a human to do. We actually do a fair bit of it if you ask me.

I guess it's not just a thinking, it's a connecting

In my connecting the idea came that every human being is a completely different creature. We are each so unique physically, and internally as well.

Some people resonate with trees, some people with money. Some people like to pretend that they are blue foxes, and some think they are vampires. Some of us interpret life through complex formulae, and some of us through the sieve of language. Some of us just sit in silence, and some of us stand up and tell the world what we think is right and wrong.

We're all here in this sea of not knowing, and we all have this urge. It's an urge to expand and to be. It's the urge to open up to a magnificentness that we KNOW already exists. It may in fact already be our essential nature. Who knows?


There's this cultural phenomenon of homogenization (making everything the same). Which we see starting with manufacturing, then moving through to how we think and present ourselves.

We all want to be something, and we're looking around to see who everyone else is? We contrast and compare and make an assessment, we make a play in the game of life and step back to see the results.

Did we ever think to ask ourselves? Did we ever think to stop and listen to the wind, and see what she says?

In nature there are various kinds of things, maple trees all look recognizably similar and so do wolves. But are they all exactly the same? No not at all, they each express something unique in how they look and how they act. One tree branches out differently, and a particular wolf has a different shaped face and ears. It's exactly the same with humans, even twins. Somehow the rules of this universe dictate that each of us is unique.


Is this an important message?

What is life telling us?

A lot of people talk about oneness and unity yet also each piece of life is unique. You are your own consciousness, yet somehow you are a part of the wider context of infinite complexity and beauty. It's hard to even get our heads around it, perhaps we can feel it though. Perhaps we can experience it.

What I think, is that we are meant to see that we are beautiful and important, we are meant to express that uniqueness into the world. What other reason can there be for this uniqueness? To remind us of our all important individuality. The magnitude of life has made it so that you have a specific opportunity in that tunnel of experience you call your own.


Pick up the pieces and play on! Life is calling my friends!

This excitement is not an egoic importance. This is a delicate balancing act between utmost humility and radical self expression. I think the two things are highly connected. It's the same thing that makes me conceited that also makes me afraid to share. I choose to ignore that thing, it's a great destroyer of possibilities.

If you realize your insignificance in the scheme of things, then do you curl up and hide? No I think rather that you will learn to not be afraid of anything. If we are just one particle, just one nanosecond of audio in a rumbling laugh of the cosmos - then why not? Why not shoot for the stars? We can hardly come to less than our own nothingness.

Knowing that our small lives are not a big deal we can express ourselves truly and magnificently. The least we can do is celebrate the sheer beauty of what is occurring. Living in this spontaneous express and outside of our stories of self importance.

It's up to us to open up to life and dance a beautiful dance.

And in dancing in our most authentic way we express our gratitude for being. No one and nothing can take that opportunity away from you. The opportunity to be here now, powered by a mysterious life force, a perfectly unique expression of the universe its self.

I say celebrate you
I say celebrate the wide open-ness of this life
I say dance and play like no one is watching
I say be you no matter the cost

You are a beloved child, and your earnestness means everything to life

Much Love to you my friends
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