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Today is a beautiful day and I decided to visit a very interesting museum. It is a military museum of tanks in Belgrade. He found himself near the Kalemegdan fortress in the very center of the Serbian capital. In that museum, among other things, I saw beautiful examples of military uniforms. There are a lot of weapons from guns, rifles, cannons, tanks, ... It's really beautiful to see it all in one place. There are also a lot of old flags that are very well preserved. I adore tanks so today I will write you the most about old tanks.


I first came across a T-34-85 tank. That tank belongs to the family of T-34 tanks. These were Soviet medium tanks that were constructed around 1939, and were introduced into use by the Soviet Army in 1940. Such tanks were produced until the end of 1958. That tank was literally the best tank of the Red Army (Soviet Army). During the Second World War, in the conflicts between Germany and the USSR, in a large number of cases, the victory in battles was won by the T-34 family of tanks. They had shiny armor (45/45/45 mm). That tank had not only shiny armor but also weapons. The main weapon was a 76.2 mm barrel (or in the T-34-85 85 mm version) it had two 7.62 mm machine guns. The total weight of such a tank was about 28 tons (28,000 kilograms), length 6.75 m, width 3.00 m, height 2.45 m. Which was fantastic at the time. That Yankee also had a great diesel engine with 480 horsepower (373KW). There were 4 crew members in the tank, a commander, a radio operator, a driver and a charger. How great the tank was is also shown by the data that about 84,000 tanks from the T-34 family were produced, as well as the fact that according to the 1996 census, that tank was still used by as many as 27 countries around the world, which is almost 50 years since its production.


The next tank I saw was the German Panzer 4 tank. That tank was produced throughout World War II. The Germans used it to attack Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, France, Africa, as well as to attack the Soviet Union. And if the Soviet T-34 tank was better, there were more Panzer 4 tanks on the battlefield due to better production in German factories. The Panzer 4 had a 75mm cannon, two 7.92mm machine guns. The armor was not as ideal as the Soviets but was 80/30/20 mm
The armor was best on the front. This tank was operated by a crew of 5 members. Commander, gunner, driver, radio operator, and loader. What was better, someone from the Red Army.


There is also Sturmgesic 3 or more popular Stug 3 was the German assault road, It was built on the chassis of a Parcer 4 tank. From the beginning of the war until 1942, there were various modifications during the assault cannon, in 1942 it became a tank hunter and then the best and most popular version of that hunter was made. It was produced until April 1945. Length 5.48 m, Width 2.92 m, and Height 2.30 m. He weighed about 24 tons (24,000 kilograms). It had a very precise 75mm cannon and one 7.92mm machine gun the armor was about 81mm and only the front of the fighter was protected.

I hope that you learned something new from me who adores tanks and that you liked my photos from the military museum located near the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia.

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