How long does it take a spider to spin its web?

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Spiders spin their webs at different speeds, and no two spider webs are the same.
It takes about one hour for the average spider to construct an elaborate web of silk thread, called an orb web.
An orb web is a series of wheel-shaped, concentric outlines, with spokes extending from a center.
Many species of spiders weave orb webs, which are most noticeable in the morning dew. Like other webs, spiders use orb webs to capture insects for food.
The orb web is the most efficient type of spider web, since it covers the greatest area with the least amount of silk.
Pound for pound, spider silk is about five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as Kevlar.
Spider silk also has the ability to stretch about 30 percent longer than its original length without breaking, making its threads very resilient.
Still, a spider usually spins a new orb web every day to help it keep its stickiness and insect-trapping capability.
Throughout the day, the spider makes frequent repairs to damaged threads.

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