I used 18 upvote bots on this post - come check it out

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Have you heard of a upvote bot? Well, I just decided to use 18 of them on this post. In no specific order, I have listed and reviewed them.

I Spent a total of $30.77. It was worth it! I kinda forget buildawhale, but I just send him 9 SBD for a total of 30.77.


This little guy is pretty awesome. When you send him .5 he will send you a profitable upvote. He's similar to randowhale. He upvotes you with a random vote.


Bellyrub is alright. I personally love @bellyrubbank because they give you 45% interest + a upvote. But @bellyrub is a good upvote is use if you need more of a boost. They hold upvote bids every 2.4 hrs.


@bellyrubbank is a pretty cool platform. You send a min of 20 SBD and you will receive 11.25% interest every 3 months. Captal is released after 3 months. They also upvote your posts with over 5000 steempower.


Booster is a pretty awesome service. Similar to @bellyrub they hold upvote bids every 2.4 hrs. However, they also include several upvotes from their curation upvote guild. This makes you often break even or make some profit.


Minnowbooster is pretty cool. You send them 2-5 SBD and they send you a profitable upvote. I personally love getting the gaint upvotes so the 5 SBD feature is awesome and rare on this style of bot.


Lovejuice is alright. Pretty decent upvotes for .1 to .5 SBD.


Treeplanter is pretty cool. You send them .1-.5 SBD and they plant trees for you. Kinda like a charity, I guess. Oh and they send you a pretty good upvote in return.


Randowhale is a classic. Everybody knows randow whale. His upvotes are almost always profitable and theres also a chance he might send you a mega upvote.


Whalereward is pretty cool. Its done, manually. They allow you to send 1-3 SBD for a upvote. Similar to minnowbooster the fact that you can send large amounts of SBD is pretty cool. I would like to see more bots offer more than .5 or 1.


Buildawhale is pretty good. Not very many people seem to use them and they have almost 500k steempower. You bid at least .5 for a percent of the upvote every 2.4 hours.


Discordia is a pretty decent service. .1 min bid system that works like @booster.


drotto is a new bot thats getting some attention thanks to the popular @banjo. He votes every 270 seconds and his min bid is only .001.


Steemtthat is a pretty cool service with some loyal minnow followers. You can only send .01 SBD.


Nettybot is yet another mirco upvote service. You send a min of .1 SBD to get an upvote. Upvotes are released every 1.2 hours.


minnowhelper is a pretty good service. Bids are released every 2.4 hours. People send anywhere from .1 to 1 to receive an upvote.


Banjo is pretty cool. You can access him in the steempeak on discord. (https://discordapp.com/invite/sqxV63P) Its run by @fyrstikken. Hes a pretty cool guy the few times that I've talked to him. His upvote is free but only a few cents.
***update - I kinda regret tagging banjo in this post cause he commented like 5 times lol.


Minnowpond is a upvote bot that just upvotes you for free when you follow them. They also sell upvotes for .25 and resteems for .75.

If you own or know of a service that I haven't listed feel free, to mention it in the comments.

Let me know if you resteem for a large upvote!

amazing article. will share with classmates. thank u very much

thanks man

Don't forget to subtract the potential for a flag in your profit calculations.
The more inconsiderate these voting bots are and the more bots you use at the same time the more likely you'll get downvoted.

@cleverbot do the bots their self downvote it or a person who does not like the bots? @steemprice I have also wondered about the depreciation of a post. Thanks for the advice I will definitely test.

yes your right. It makes me sad that a post that I put so much work and money into gets downvoted. I hope @NewsFlash and @sadkitten will reconsider. I love this platform and I don't mean to do any harm.

Also, there seems to be some depreciation of the post during the 7 day maturity thing. Maybe you should use upvote bots (if you will use them) around day 6 or so.

@NewsFlash and @sadkitten I beg you to reconsider your downvote. I was merely doing an experiment to show the community that it is possible. I paid $30.77 to make this post possible. As you can read below, many minnows have benefited from this knowledge. I do not wish to make anyone angry. If you must insist on downvoting my post (that I put a lot of money and work into), please explain why.

it really breaks my heart to see my first post above fifty dollars get downvoted into nothing.

They are a bunch of jealous idiots. All of this flagging is ruining the platform. They should go flag self upvoting whales that seriously drain the rewards pool not a guy buying advertising which is essentially what you are doing. Total Bull Shit! If you spent that much on Steemit Promote A Post You Would Get 0.050...lol Upvote Bots Are Just Advertising Bots Really. Free For Everyone To Use. Many whales and dolphins have communities and groups and do the same thing it just doesn't look like they paid for it. It looks like genuine people loved it, and best ever post...total bs. There are posts with a single picture no research and no words that get $40 bucks and never get flagged. This is post promotion and a business that should be allowed to help promote posts since the Steemit.com system sucks so bad. It is what steemit was built about to build businesses around and create wealth for many not just a few. Please Remove Monetary Flagging Accept for SPAM AND PLAGIARIZED POSTS.

agreed. Thank you for your kind words. Im going to switch to curating content for now. Maybe I can do some good on steemit. Really tired of all of my efforts getting downvoted :(

this suck major! So sorry man. I wish I could strangle those downvoting bots. I know it's tough out there and this sh*t's not helping. Don't let 'em get you down man.

There should be a consensus from the community not just about steem power from one member but it should take many members to flag to offset rewards. One asshole can negate 100 People's Upvotes and That Isn't Right!

or perhaps the flags can be reviewed somehow.

this suck major ass! So sorry man. I wish I could strangle those downvoting bots. I know it's tough out there and this shit's not helping. Don't let 'em get you down man.

that's been my only real concern since hearing about this platform.

They should go flag self upvoting whales that seriously drain the rewards pool

There is little difference between self-upvoting and indiscriminate vote selling, the later simply put the risk of being flagged and creating content on the user. It also turn a larger portion of illiquid SP into liquid steem and SBD which are worth more.

Thanks for your post, i will try a couple more of the ones i hadn't used. Resteemed

thanks man.

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

I resteemed btw, forgot to mention that in my other comment

thanks for the resteem!

Trying to learn all this but i will resteem it. Thanks

thanks for the resteem.

Upvoted and resteemed. Very useful info.

There is also one good bot @originalworks. This bot checks if your post is original and upvotes the post.


Thank you for this great info. For newer folks like myself... this really helps us to take advantage of what is available in order to grow more quickly. Many have difficulty getting a head of "Steem" so anything that can accelerate the process is a blessing! Thanks again... ReSteemed! I can see your 21.77 was well spent! ;)

thanks man. I upvote you.

I really appreciate you! I will be trying out some of these bots now thanks to you. I wasn't sure but after reading this post it seems like a great strategy to implement! Best of wishes for this post! Steem On! =) Looking forward to seeing more of your content!

thanks man

Hi, I've resteemed but I also have a question.

To use all of them how much did it cost and how much did you make off them... if you have to estamate because some of the upvotes are probably from others as well

$30.77 was my total. Well see how much I make in 7 days or so.

I would like to know how much did you spend on all 18 bots? Thanks.

$21.77. Thanks for popping by @oldtimer. Idk if you know this, but you are one of the first people that got me started on steemit. It really encouraged me that one time you gave me like a $20 upvote.

Thanks for kind words. I try to do my best, but different people, different views. If you know what I mean.
For the guy in Aceh or Nigeria, $1 is a lot. I find the most complaining folks are Muricans. Nothing new. Democracy to the whole world and especially to the steemit. Whatever it takes. Soo it looks like profitable with this bots. Good for small guys. Have a good time.

Trying to learn all this but i will resteem it. Thanks


Upvoted and resteemed

Resteemed! New to this i like the idea!

Wow....nice post by @edolo

  1. I really like your post....nice explain about steem upvote bots...very good and perfect work...
  2. Your post is very useful to all steemians...specialy to me...I want get upvote bot service....but I can't select right bot....now it is easy....
  3. I think this is good and complete explain about steem upvote bot...
  4. I think your commiunication and prasentation skills are execellent...I respect it...
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your valuble knowledge and experence with us...
  6. I'm become your fan now...and I always try followed your blog everyday...

Upvoted with my little sp....and specialy I followed you....
Resteemed with my 700+++ followers...bcz...I think this is useful post for all steemians...

This is great. I have resteemed this to my followers to see it. Thanks for the input.

Upvoted and resteemed! I was wondering, what are your thoughts on unmentionable? Think they work like randomwhale

thanks man.

Resteem with pleasure! I love bots and think they necessary for beginners support and for important posts promotion. Lets hope this downvoters curse stay away from this fear way to invest own sbd in Steemit!

Using this tool : https://s3.amazonaws.com/yabapmatt/bottracker/bottracker.html#paid
I see that bidding bots are most of the times unprofitable.
Plus, I don't see any point in using bots that their vote is worth a couple of $.
I would also like to see more bots that offer more than $3 votes.

Resteemit. Good luck man!

Upvoted and resteemed

Interesting post. First I have seen to have used 20 upvote services on a post. Had not even heard about some of them. WhaleReward is still manually operated btw, and not a bot. Any, Whale done:)

Oh? Manually operated? Thats pretty cool. I've always wanted to run a manually operated one.

you forgot @theupvoter

This post has received a 17.00 % upvote from @theupvoter thanks to: @neowne.

Excellent to read your post. I also follow & Upvote you.
please follow & Upvote me

I absolutely love it! I'm all about ? good information!

This post feel me awesome..i want to use these bot when i have enoung doller.thats why i resteem it..thanks for sharing with us.. @edolo

thnx man... i resteemed it!!😊

Thanks for sharing!
edit: I got the math wrong, just ignore...

Thanks for sharing! I've been considering using an upvoting bot. See how $21.77 want to get you over $60, that's so nice. I'll stay close by to your page. 😊

Thanks, I haven't heard of most of these.

I would love to be a whale, but I don't want a whale account name, I want to be the account who does their own thing but occasionally people ask me to do whale things, one can dream i guess

nice post @edolo

Hey Edolo,

So I'm quite curious now what all these upvote bots are good for.
Is this actually necessary stuff to get ahead on Steem?

I find it quite 'fake' to rely on bots but then again I still don't quite grasp the difference between the three Steems.

There's steem power (to add 'umpf' to a post), steem dollars (which we get more of with steem power?), and something else?

Actually if you had a post on how to properly understand these different steems and best strategies to start getting somewhere with our posts, that'd be great!

I'll follow you and try to learn more as I'm very interested in understanding and mastering this platform


yeah they work if you dont get downvoted. my post was at $64, 100s of views, 100s of upvotes, 100s of comments. But then a big whale came around and downvoted me. I guess thats the risk for trying this experiment. Basicly the larger the value on the post, the more likely youll end up on the trending and hot pages. It takes at least $30 to get a good spot on the hot page and about $100-150 to get on the trending page. To answer your question about SBD, steem, steempower. SBD is steem, but just worth about $1 USD, other than that, its the same. Steempower is when you power up steem. Steempower increases your voting weight. Your steempower also earns some interest each year. (2-6%) Steem is just like steempower, except it does increase your voting weight. Hope that helps. Thanks for following me.

Wow, yeah, makes sense.

Hope this 'whale' and 'minnow' problem will be addressed at some point in time. Seems to be seriously holding back Steem from truly embodying its own concepts and being the truly revolutionary social media platform it has the potential to be.

I just want to have fun posting on this website. I don't really care if it ever makes any money.
But if some posts were worth actually getting out there, it's interesting you can pay to do that.

Sorry to hear your post got downvoted by some hatin' ass whales :(

Great post to highlight the issue of bots on Steemit. (At least that is what i think you are doing.) Resteemed so others can see how to game the system. You need not upvote this comment. I just think what you did should be very worrying for the platform.

thanks for the resteem

minnows using bots vs old closed voting groups.

which is worse?

I dont know exactly what you mean re. Old closed voting groups. But if i understand it sounds like an organic community of people who vote for each other. If this is the case i still have more of a problem with bots because they are not rewarding the quality of a post. I hope Steemit can become a quality content platform and i don't think bots are helping do this. As a minnow myself i know it is a struggle but I want really people to vote for me and not just bots.

old or new voting groups, dont help the platform and close of new growth and are not organic are constructed

on bots they give little value compared to the amount voting groups give to posts which are not value based either check any category and see the amount some posts get.

im not for bots either comments damage engagement on posts and high sp bots take most of the curation


Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
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Thank you for the post! I want to try these bots. Today, for the first time, I used the promoted button and sent 1 dollar, but so far no result, only 0.22 cents was received. This is all the case. But I hope I learn to promote my posts correctly.

Use upvote bots unless youre willing to spend a ton on promoted. You have to bit very high and get at the top otherwise its not worth it.

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Man I was only aware of like 3 of these bots! Thanks for this information! Now I just need to decide which ones I want to use! haha

I have experimented a few times with upvote bots... each time it turned out to be a poor ROI. My jury is somewhat conflicted on this topic.

well it seems if you use a lot of them at once, its profitable!

Not if you don't have the money to put at risk. I'm just a minnow plugging along earning pennies at a time. Maybe someday I will have $22 to spend on upvote bots!

i feel you man. I made the jump and invested some of my own money. Its just not worth to time to make 50 cents.

supper brother...it should be a best topic....because your all things very good..

Helpfull Article. Thanks.
@sajib7 you may follow this.

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I want to ask:

Why do you use upvote bots when, I understand, people are supposed to upvote your content as a way of appreciating your it?

Do the bots impact your influence in the steemit community?

Are they actually profitable in the long run? If so, could you pls explain how they are.

BTW, I enjoyed your post. I'll be resteeming it

  1. they are profitable in the long run
  2. they get you a ton of view, follows, resteems, comments, and upvotes
  3. Without tons of sp, whale followers, or bots its kinda impossible to become popular on steemit.

Well Said @edolo . Over time as each member grows and connects with more members they grow out of the use of them really. I see it as a help aid for minnows and small dolphins mainly. Sometimes they are not profitable more a break even but the new followers and friends made.....priceless! Just think how awesome it is when you use upvote bots on a friends post and give them a huge boost. I do it all of the time and it is a great feeling!

What's your favorite anime?

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great post.....

thank you @edolo, this post really helps a lot.

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Have a great day!

Interesting experiment, key question is how much in total you have spent on all those services? And how much time did it take to check out all the statuses of all those bots? Is it worthwhile?

30.77. It was worth it! As for the time, I'm not sure. Maybe 10-15 minutes.

Thanks. To use bots to upvote a post is one thing, but to use bots to upvote a post on using bots to upvote that post, is kind of weird! Great example of self-reference.

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I guess it is pretty cold outside.

I liked your idea of ​​this idea. I agree.

This post has received a 15.79 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @edolo.

Does it really work ? Should I hire them ?

yeah it works

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You Missed A Few Of The Small Ones From The https://SteemThat.com Community. I'll Send Them All Over In 5 Seconds. Congrats. When you have high quality content it helps. Junk posts and spammers usually get flagged so they lose money.

Guys am kinda new to this, would appreciate your clarification thanks

its pretty easy. Send sbd = get upvote.

Come try what I am offering for good posts I read/comment/follow/upvote posts with the steempower I have.

seems like a good deal. I may check it out on my next post.

Great post and it looks like your investment has paid off for you.
I've never been a fan of bots on Steemit as I don't thinks they improve the social aspects of the ecosystem.
That said they are an ever growing part of the ecosystem and if large enough number of users support them then they will continue to proliferate and develop.
I know that my post rewards would be even lower without the curation bots used by some of my followers.

thanks for the comment

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to be honest i find the bid bots unprofitable because you don't always get your money back and there is no steady profit
on the other hand bots like randowhale, minnowbooster and treeplanter offer you steady and profitable upvote

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dear @edolo very good post, but may I know whether @nettybot is wroking now or not and also i think u missed @boomerang bot.

Thank you.

I don't think it's working. Neither upvoted me nor refunded my money back. Had complained about ti on their post without any redressal for many days. Don't waste your money on it.

just tried the Polsza one. was alright. got 0.62 $ for .5. will try the rest as well

yeah pretty good.

This is a great article. This post feel me awesome. when i have enough dollar on my wallet then i must use thes bot. This post helps a lot. I already follow you. Thanks for sharing @edolo

I was watching this and I thought hey not a bad deal at all but WTH happened? total payout is now at half the original number!?!? So, as I suspected, what's to prevent these bots from quietly removing their upvote after some time has passed? Or jealous downvoters? Then can all go mind their own business! This post helped me a lot, so what's the problem?I need to know what happened. Enlighten me please folks.

none of the bots removed their upvote. Newsflash and sadkitten downvoted me around $45 dollars with zero explanation or reasoning. Its sad to see my first post above $50 dollars get downvoted to nothing.

Congratulations @edolo!
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Great informative post :D i have wondered about all of these upvote bots for a while :D i will surely test them out :D thanks :D

np man

thanks, gonna try some new stuff too / cool

aight nice man

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I consider myself quite capable of doing such a simple task.

yeah man!

this really helps us to take advantage of what is available in order to grow more quickly?

If I understand what your saying. Then yes.

Seem like it is good to invest in those bots.

yeah seems so

Thanks @edolo, being a newbie... am still have much to learn. Appreciate so much all guidance receive from senior steemian like you ... will try the small bots first to see the real effects. Had tried @drotto, @treeplanter, @minnowpond and @steemdiffuser. They are good I must say. Have resteemed, upvoted and followed you. I like that blue whale picture in this post. Superb refreshing attraction.

thanks @ainie.kashif hope you enjoy steemit.

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