UpvoteWhale 2.0 is ready!

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Hello everyone,
The day has finally come. The new bot is now up and running! I've marked it as BETA because I'm pretty sure there's a few bugs that'll come up that I missed during testing, but otherwise everything should be working perfectly.

Upvote is set to 2x. This means if you send 0.1 Steem, I will upvote the post with a 2x upvote calculated from the USD value.
Send 0.1 STEEM. (Current STEEM price $0.83) USD Value = 0.1 * 0.83 = $0.083
Include ROI = $0.083 * 2 = $0.166
Calculate Percentage upvote equal to $0.166
Upvote with X% equal to $0.166

How to get upvote

Send any amount of money to my account, include the link to the post to upvote in memo, you can include a comment if you like.


Delegations are now accepted! Earn money by supporting me. 100% ROI set for all delegations. Please email me if you have questions about delegation. (please help, I need more SP to have an acceptable upvote amount)
If bot is unable to provide 2x upvote, then remainder will be refunded.
Instant upvotes(If it doesn't upvote within 2 minutes, then it'll refund)
Bot will refund all transactions once it hits 70% voting power. It'll start upvoting again once at 95% voting power.
Estimated time until full voting power is now included in refund memo.
No more missed transactions! Every single transaction is now accounted for.
Even if the bot crashes mid transaction, once bot starts up again it will continue from where it left off.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Always happy to help. Email: [email protected]
Also note that I really need delegations, as the total Upvote amount is current at $0.22. This is not an acceptable amount in my opinion and I would want this to be at at least $1. This will require a lot of help from you guys!

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.


Awesome ... I will be using your bot today.

interested :)