Upvote Bot Service

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Hello, steemians,

Today I am starting an upvote service here is how it works.

Send a bid amount between 0.001-1.00 STEEM or SBD to @unknownonline
with your post link in the memo field.

Once received the bot will automatically upvote your post.

Don't worry the bot is coded so that if there is an error with the post link or transaction amount it will refund your bid automatically.

You can view the code HERE

As always thanks for your support.


upvoting due to the unfavourable response you got on peakd.com for the same post.

Upvoted by @aagabriel for having similarities to the #informationwar tag, posts like this anyone can add the tag #informationwar so we can more easily find and upvote them! (by @aagabriel)

  • Our purpose is to encourage posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, Disinformation, and Liberty. We are a peaceful and non-violent movement that sees information as being held back by corrupt forces in the private sector and government. Our Mission.
  • Discord, website, youtube channel links here.

Ways you can help the @informationwar!