You should Upvote your commenters

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I upvote 95% of my commenters and here is why:

To help them grow their accounts. If I help the people who are commenting me and upvoting me, I will give them more steem power. When I give them more steem power, they use that same steem power to upvote themselves. And ME!!

Win, win.

Thank you for auto-voting me:


Here is an upvote for you!

I get a lot of crappy "nice post" comments. Pretty sure they come from click farms in Chewbaccastan.

Yea that’s the other 5%

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Exactly that ^^ people that don’t watch the video, make a flaccid comment that could fit any video and expect an upvote. What’s worse is when they then ask for an upvote, it’s basically the same as begging on the streets 😝😝😝😝

That aside I upvote all my comments that are genuine good engagement (vp allowing)

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I love the way you think. Can i hear a big......

I can´t send you an Audio, but here is my enormous AMEN!!!:D

Pay it forward #steem process is so undeniable
Upvote for what post that make sense and
that's it.
Keep on postin'

Thank you for the advice man. Getting back on my steemit game.

Sir i appreciate your support...please help me

Lol “sir”

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Yes Sir 😃

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I can confirm it is true and you are completing the circle of life theory. Lol

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One day i will become a whale 😀

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i don't, because i am most of the time in the dust vote area, and i would rather go and check their content and upvote the post if i find it interesting.

Nice work. You are supporting new user's.

So great to hear you talk about giving and helping others. I personally was always taught that “the Lord will give a blessing to those that he can send it through.”

So true!!

I agree and I do my best to do it too

I did notice that seriously and it's a splendid gesture, well done

Ну давай попробуем :)

Wow that is great work
It can increase your Follower numbers also it make your post great because many users comment in your post for the seek of your Upvote.
That is great work bro Thanks for doing great work it also increase the daily users of steemit.

I like that. And thank you

I dont think people like my weed post . still i post to upvote myself

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That’s the secret sauce 🤫 🤣

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I try to upvote quality comments as much as I can... Of course, for me it's easy as I don't seem to get very many votes or comments on my posts at the moment.

Lol,,, win win

Thanks for upvoting we the small fish in this water... It's not easy to build the power

Good ROI (Return On Investment) lol.

I usually upvote my commenters too despite my meager SP. Although I may just head to the person's post and upvote their latest posts that I like.

You just said the fact @trevonjb. I wish more will think like you.

Just want to note that single votes less than $0.02 do not reward the commentor unless combined vote value reaches that minimum. @dustsweeper is a brilliant solution to get collect rewards for those small votes.

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Sir Help me so I I upvote you with that steem power 👍

Thank you.You are helping other people to grow their steem power.

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Do you take note of every voters and comments?

I almost always do.

Yeah its Nice to give. If i have time i work now like 6 days a week to make up for my losses and learning polish is my main objective now because i let people see that i really do what i say. I try to give my votes but sometimes im too tired.🙈😊

Yep, I´m doing this "method" since I got my first commenter, especially after my upvote was worth 1 cent consistently. It´s no much, but what really matters is the intention.

Help them grow and they will be able to support you even more! WIN/WIN situation!

Hey Trevon I have been on your trail for awhile now and enjoy it. I have 884 voting sp.

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Trying to build my change up!

Hi @trevonjb noted about your advice and from now onwards i will do the same.thanks

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