My birthday

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So today’s my birthday,and like most of the people reading this I don’t care either.

See I don’t really care for my birthday because I haven’t accomplished anything in life yet ,besides Popping out of my moms V*****, like how Xerxes came out the water in rise of an empire. . See I always set high expectations for myself and never follow through.Its a pain in the a**really and I’m sick of it.

Truth be told I don’t celebrate my birthday, haven’t don’t it since I graduated middle school. So like 8th grade. Why celebrate if I haven’t accomplished shit, most people celebrate when they have accomplish a goal , maybe they got a promotion,won the lotto, had sex with a burnt out prostitute and didn’t get anything. The list goes on and on. But for me, and where my mindset is I see nothing but failure, I sometimes like to relate myself to Tommy Wiseau dreadful
performance in the 2003 movie The Room.

See like most people I Imagine myself by the age of 21 being happy, possible acting , playing basketball, hell even getting a mug shot. My point is my goals never seem to fall through for me so when my birthday comes around I feel it to be pointless to celebrate.

Ps. I know this isn’t my best post, also Dtube videos coming soon hopefully, editing is just a pain in the ass.

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Belated Happy Birthday brother!!!!!🎂🎂

happy birthday bro