What is your view on up voting yourself on the Steem blockchain?

in upvote •  5 months ago

i dont think self voting is bad. Alot of people use steem for earning side income and there are a few who have taken it up as their primary source of income. If you take the monetary value out of steem platform then its nothing. Money is what brings new users and also keeps alot of old users active.

If someone spent their money into the platform for steempower they have the right to upvote themselves or whoever they choose but it does not make them bad or make it immoral if they upvote themselves.

People often mention self upvoting in a bad way but they dont realize that to upvote themselves they have to write a post or a comment as well. which is adding value to the platform. the content stays with the platform and their content often engages other people and bring new users too so its not just the upvote we have to look at the bigger picture.

i am pretty sure if someday we see a policy on limiting self upvotes it will be the end of steem and then we can discuss morality about it.

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Agree. I do a lot of self voting to my posts. I'm begining and I still have a lot to grow an audience here. It is a way to auto promote the content.


for me its pretty simple, candidates vote themselves during elections, people like their own posts on facebook so its the same thing. just because there is money involved does not mean it has to change.