Playing ups & downs of SBD Market Value is better than Bot Bidding

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Right now you can make 14.4% gain if you sell the SDB you have. I will wait until second derivative reaches zero. Then sell.

I have been auditing myself on what I have been doing that my made my net worth increase. And for sure, selling Steem for SBD and vice versa is one factor.

Unless marketing, when SBD is higher than Steem, why spend them to get less of them, and less Steem??

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Thanks. This is particularly true because a lot of Steem people bid on the bots and don't realize how the payout works. i.e. 1/2 SBD and especially, 1/2 in Steem Worth the USD amount.

I definitely I agree because I had been doing that 3 times now. Though the gap between sbd price high and steem as of now is a little. I will wait until it goes higher a little bit and exchange sbd to steem

I have just followed you. It is really great when SBD is much higher than steem as using the author's reward, we can actually get more steem resulting great steem power.