What Should You Do If You Have a "Great" Article That's Getting 0 Upvote?

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You’ve just written an A+ article. Of course this article is far different from the other articles you've been writing.

You've done the A/B test and you are one hundred percent (100%) sure this time that your article is going to crush it, giving you the upvotes you deserve.

After much anticipation and preparation, you then click on the submit button.

You watch. You wait patiently. 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 24 Hours.

And still no hope. It gets zero upvote.

What went wrong?

Don't feel bad. You may be doing it right...

Well here’s the thing about content gaining upvotes.

It’s not enough to simply produce the content.

Content isn’t a “write, and they will come upvote” type of deal.

It doesn't work that way...

Believe me on this.

I know from past experience.

And I know from studying Whales.

Yes, that's right!

And even if you are not yet a whale. There are high percent chances, you can have the upvote you truely deserve. I know of a friend who goes by the handle @heart-to-heart from Indonesia, joined steemit 9 days ago and did an awesome article that got everyone talking, you can read it here. You may call her the time bomb 💣 but frantically speaking, she rocks like Steemit.

Why so much note, just bit it already. Lol we are getting there... Be happy

Speaking of whales 🐳 🐳🐳

Probably you've heard so much about them...

Steemit have a hand full of whales. After careful study on how whaleshares are distributed, we've come to a conclusion that even minnows can have the upvote they truely deserve.

Just know that your reputation, followers, and steem Power have little or no influence as to how much upvote may generate per post, all that matters is your commitment.

How committed are you?
How often do you post?
What do you know best?
Do you comment on other people's blog?
Do you curate post you feel is worth curalating?
Do you copy paste other people's work?
Do you often reply to comments?
Why are you on steemit?
Are you active or passive?
And many more

Now let's look at the above questions one at a time...

Are you ready?

It's time you get your suit ready...

@sweetsssj is well known for her glamorous travel and Miss. Delicious article's but have you ever thought how she makes so much upvotes?

Let me tell you, it's a secret.

Her originality speaks well of her blog and as the saying goes, the best is saved for the last, "story telling". She's good at telling stories to captivate the brilliant minds of her audience. Her commitment on steemit, made her who she is today.

How committed can you be? Commitment is the key 🔑 to success.

@jerrybanfield known for his ever mouth dropping article's. My first encounter with his blog was splendid. He writes everyday, which makes him active on steemit.

How often do you post? Be active and post everyday like Jerrybankfield!

@dollarvigilante by @jeffberwick is another renowned whale, otherwise known as the people's voices.

A genius, good at crafting article's he deeply believe will help the Steemit community.

He focuses on what he knows best and that is "Cryptocurrency" . If you are lost, go to him to be found.

What do you know best? Begin your journey on steemit, simply doing what you know best and be sure this will take you places.

@abit is good at many things but his blog is best known for it innovative ideas 💡 . He is one of those who made steemit what it is today.

How can you help the community? Help Steemit the best way you know how!

You know what?

Are you tired? Don't be, I promise you will dance like this at the end.

@jesta is well known for his craft works. A programmer who believe the future of Steemit is bright. His well informed in his area of expertise.

Take away: to be at the top of your game, is to follow what really work best for you on steemit.

Remember to follow this blog for continuation of more series like this one.

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Thank you, you helped a lot, today I was thinking to quit with blogs, and now this :)...

You're welcome!

I'm with you @jungwatercolor - theres no rhyme or reason to what gets voted highly or with top $ in the art tags.
It can be frustrating seeimg junk earn real money and sit in the trending/hot tags with only a few votes, it doesnt add up sometimes.
I have to use @minnowsupport to get any real votes and my well thought out instructional posts that i created just for steemit are my worst performers.
For what its worth, i really like your watercolor work and follow your blog :)

Janitor unit supports human minnow units who create great data content. Customary salutations to you @jimscope. Much pine sol to all.

I'm glad you liked it @automatedjanitor

Hey this is a great post thanks for sharing it.
and good information I think it is really helpful.
I will even read it again tomorrow with more time to take few tips hahaha but I definitely stay active and try to help as much as I can our minnow community :D
Soy tu tio

Helping minnows is something I don't play it. Glad you find it interesting!

Thank you for the great tips ..encouraging

You're welcome!

Nice post @jimscope - theres a lot of us trying who are close to packing it in.
Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to just start pumping reddit and imgur memes to skim money from the system instead of trying to create unique content that gets little attention.

Very true @groundcontrol! Glad we're on this boat. A post worth reading is worth adding value via upvoting and resteeming!

I like how you spelt it out. I love your posts but this one is one that is totally cool. Great work, I hope to see your work someday on top 10 trending posts. You rock like Steemit, I promise to keep that in mind!

"You rock like Steemit" glad you liked it @charityfund. No success in life comes by accident, it's as a result of careful planning and skillfully implementing your plans.

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thanks @jimscope, I have friend named @pedrhenrique he has awesome content as well, you should check it out and reblog if you can!

Great stuff lol. I like it all!