Goldmonkeys GMB giveaway winner and new GIF contest...No upvote, No resteem, No follow required!

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GMB Giveaway!!

Are you ready to win some free GMB’s?


If your ready to win some free GMB’s your in the right spot! The more GMB’s you have the higher the upvote and the more profit sharing you will receive!!

First off we will pick this weeks winner, if you missed that post here’s the entries, nothing like a monkey walking a dog, @maxblashke your the winner of the 2 GMB’s!!


Now for this weeks GMB giveaway

So to enter we want to you to reply with a funny dancing gif, the funniest will be chosen and rewarded with 2 GMB's

This contest will run for 7 days and the GMB winner will be chosen when the post paysout.

Have you joined Gold Monkey Discord?

! Goldmonkey discord sever


Everybody, meet.....

The newest player on the steemit blockchain. GoldMonkey is here and GMB's are on sale NOW, start receiving your upvotes today. The rest of March is considered to be a soft launch with the official GoldMonkey year starting on the 1st April. We have 10k voting STEEM POWER so the quicker you get your GMB's the better it is your you.

How many GMB's would you like today?
One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

Member Terms for GoldMonkey

GoldMonkey has been set up to offer daily upvotes and a yearly profit share paid in STEEM to members

How to join

  • You can either buy GMB's are delegate STEEM POWER
  • Each GMB costs 1 STEEM (SBD option maybe added at a later date)
  • Each 50 STEEM POWER a user delegates to Goldmonkey is worth 1 GMB


  • Any steemit user that buys are is donated GoldMonkey GMB's will become a member of GoldMonkey.
  • Members that own any amount of GoldMonkey GMB's will be entitled to a daily upvote.
  • A members daily upvote is based on how many GMB's they own divided by the total GMB pool.
  • Daily upvotes are issued to each member on a 23 hour timer from which they last received an upvote.
  • GoldMonkey is set to upvote your post between 13 and 14 minutes of being uploaded.
  • Upvotes from GMB's carry over into each new GoldMonkey's year that runs from 1st April to 31st March.

Yearly Profit Share

  • GoldMonkey profit sharing rewards reset every new GoldMonkey year 1st April to 31st March
  • Members that buy any amount of GMB's within 1 GoldMonkey year will be entitled to the yearly profit share for that year only
  • The profit share is up to 50% of all STEEM POWER in the GoldMonkey wallet on the 31st March each year.
  • The amount paid to each member is based on how many GMB's they have bought within a GoldMonkey year divided by the total GMB pool for that year.
  • All members that buy at least 1 GMB within one GoldMonkey year will receive a 20% profit share
  • Members that buy any amount of GMB's during each split (each calendar month) for the 12 months of a GoldMonkey year will be entitled to a Golden Banana which is a 30% profit share bonus on top of the regular 20%.
  • On the 1st of April, the bot will be powered down to max amount until all members have received payments.
  • All profit share payments are paid to members in in STEEM.


  • Delegations are accepted and worked out to 50 delegated STEEM POWER is equal to 1 GMB
  • Delegated members receive daily upvotes exempt from monthly splits
  • Members that have STEEM POWER delegated to GoldMonkey for a full GoldMonkey year without decreasing the delegated amount will receive a Golden Banana on top of the normal 20% profit share.
  • The first month of each GoldMonkey year (April) will be a grace period for new delegators.
  • Delegated members are welcome to mix delegation with GMB's to increase daily upvotes and profit share
  • Delegation rewards are offered until a member removes the delegated STEEM POWER from @goldmonkey

How monthly splits work

  • 1st Month
    During the first month members will receive upvote from 100% of the bot's voting power. Please keep in mind that voting power and voting percentage is 2 different things. Your upvote percentage is worked out based on how many GMB's you own, You’re voting power is worked on based on how many splits you are involved in.

  • 2nd Month
    The table below shows the first split were we move from 100% to 60% and 40%. The newest month always gets the highest percentage and we work our way backwards. It is simple enough to understand the concept

  • 3rd Month
    So now we move from a 60/40 split to a 50/30/20 split. We can see all the different voting powers users would receive due to buying during different months. Members that buy every month will always receive upvotes from 100% of the bot's voting power and would also qualify for the extra bonus reward

It would just continue on like that for 12 months and rest every year.

Please note that the figures used above are examples


I only post once a week, can I get enhanced upvotes?

Each steemit/bot account can give out a maximum of 10 max upvotes a day which is 1000% of upvotes. GoldMonkey is set up to reward active member’s more than casual members. GoldMonkey's upvotes are reset and worked out daily with no rollever.

When I buy GMB's, how do I get my money back?

Each new GoldMonkey member will receive upvotes based on how many GMB's they own divided by the total GMB pool forever. Members that buy any amount of GMB's will receive a profit share for that year based on total GMB's bought against total sold pool for that year. Remember that upvotes are pretty much forever and profit share rewards reset every year so members that post everyday will see the quickest return

Where does GoldMonkey get its voting STEEM POWER from?

Every single penny we receive from GMB sales goes into leases that range between 4-12 weeks. Another percentage comes from member delegations and 5000SP committed from GoldMonkey itself. Whatever SP is earned through curation and post pay-outs to included.

What sort of ROI do you offer?

That is a hard one to answer as it is dependent of how many GMB's we sell and how much STEEM POWER is delegated from members. The more GMB's we sell, the bigger lease's we can get at better rates. Return of investment varies member to member depending on weather they became a member through GMB's are delegation. Members that buy GMB's every month of a GoldMonkey year to receive upvotes from 100% bot power and also receive the Golden Banana and will see the fastest return and profit. Buying 20 GMB's per month pays better than buying 240 GMB's in the first month and no more the rest of the year.

Why a yearly profit share and not a daily/weekly/monthly?

Profit sharing bots are a dime a dozen on steemit and work by members delegating STEEM POWER in return for a daily STEEM pay-out. We are trying to reward active long term users over casual users more. By casual I mean not active for more than 1 month at a time. We pay out top rewards to active posting members that buy GMB's every month. By doing so members will ensure their upvote is done with 100% of the bot's power and receive the Golden Banana profit sharing bonus. These are the members that will have the best ROI every year. There is nothing wrong with set and forget bot's but we reward active content producers as they are the members pushing Steemit forward

Membership Table Is Now Live

Curation trail is also now live

How many GMB's would you like today?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

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