🔥 BLOG BOOSTER - Resteem to 4568 followers for 0.1 STEEM/SBD🔥 — Steemit

🔥 BLOG BOOSTER - Resteem to 4568 followers for 0.1 STEEM/SBD🔥

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The Postpromoter upvote and resteembot script is churning nicely along boosting your posts!
Upvotes are calculated by how much you pay and how many posts share the upvotes in each round. Pay more - gain more.
Higher bids give higher value on the upvote from me, and always in profit for you!

Send a minimum of 0.005 SBD or STEEM to @blogbooster, and your post get an upvote from me. But not only that; you also get a
🔥 BOOST with multiple upvotes from my curation trail! 🔥

Think about this; you get 6, 7, 8 upvotes, for the cost of one!
This is really positive for you and your posts, the small base fee
is paid back with 7 to 8 upvotes on average.
This is also a RESTEEM BOT! (altough the unfriendly @resteem.bot says otherwise)

If you send 0.1 or more STEEM/SBD I resteem your post to my 4550+ TRUE followers!

I also regularly look through the posts, and the truly great ones get additional resteems on my old @steemrat plus the @blogboost support account.

Requirements for your post;

Minimum 20 minutes old
MAX 5 days old
No NSFW post

That's it.
Have fun getting BOOSTED!

Delegators wanted!
(My owner will occationally make free resteem posts so make sure you still follow me)
(No refunds below 0.002 because of bot war problems)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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A nice service with a fair price. I use it often.


You are my best customer @rentmoney! Highly valued not only for the business but also your content.


Useing the tag #resteembot for content that has no connection to Resteem Bot is tag abuse and spam.



Yes, keep it coming :) Let them all see your comment on a resteem bot with content related to #resteembot.


Whatever he is useing, not our script.

Why he don't tag also #postpromoter if he also use this script?
Because he want earn more heavy flags.

But he think he can abuse our name.



Shame on you for being so narrow thinking you are the only one who resteem with a bot. What about @resteembot?

People search for resteems as that's a function of steemit. Postpromoter is the script providing that function to my bot.

People don't search for postpromoter to get resteems, they search resteembot. If they know and want to use you they use your username which is NOT #resteembot NOR @resteembot.

But he think... You clearly don't.