@upmyvote is retiring

in #upmyvote6 years ago

@upmyvote has been removed from the bot tracker and will auto refund all bids.

This is effectively immediately and not sure when and if the bot will return to service.


Hello i send one SBD and not upvote me please check and retorn my SBD

I see you flagged my posts which are objectively not spam or abuse. Your flags have already resulted in re-posts. I will not be censored and bullied for enjoying and sharing movie trailers.

those are very bad news ,,, hopefully for a short time, since your service benefits us a lot

Very bad news from @upmyvote today, very sad 😔 😔 I hope @upmyvote come back for help new Steemians

Very good thank

@upmyvote are you serious flag me?

Sir, your post has been so beautiful that you will get a better post like this, give us our steemit upvote if our post looks good

What? Why? Can delegate to me some SP then? LOL

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