Spark Tycoon Resource Generation

in #upland29 days ago


As of right now we're in a strange period of radio silence from the creators of Spark Tycoon. They had announced that they were working on a game to go along with the resource generation portion of what they had built out already but it's been taking so long and now the owners have gone completely radio silent.

The biggest problem for the game right now is that there is no real burn mechanic, so the supply on the market is simply just growing and growing to no end and crashing the market.

The resources in this screenshot are just one day's worth of production for me which is already a lot considering your nodes only really produce a quantity of 1x at a time.

I'm really hoping that we get some kind of update soon because if the market can manage to pick back up, my level of resource production could put me in a good spot to make a decent amount of earnings from this but at the current rates, it's looking like the market is heading for a crash.

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