Spark Rental Market Taking a Dive with Tycoon Struggling

in #uplandlast month


The spark tycoon layer 2 game has been propping up the spark rental market in Upland now for some time, given that it provide a use for structures in-game that previously did not really have any real use or significance.

On top of that, there's obviously more and more spark being put out into the market / game every single day with the amount of people that are obtaining spark from daily standard hunting, competitive hunting and their weekly login bonuses.

It's getting more and more difficult every day now to earn a decent wage from renting out your spark on the market. What used to earn me well over 2,000UPX per day is now down to 1,300UPX even with my spark balance steadily growing.

The spark rental market needs yet another boost from continued growth with Spark Tycoon or other layer 2 games that come along like this one, providing extra incentive for people to continue to build since Upland themselves aren't providing any additional benefits.

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